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What to do if a grizzly bear is outside your tent? If you encounter a bear on the trail, or in your campsite, stop what you are doing and evaluate the situation. Identify yourself by speaking in a calm, appeasing tone. Back away slowly, preferably in the direction you came If you are in your tent at night and hear what you think is a black bear outside, the best thing to do is nothing. I have been in this situation a few times, and in all cases the animal (never saw it so can't confirm black bear) wandered off after a minute or two. They aren't interested in you The opposite side of what you could do if there is a bear outside your tent would be to make as much noise as possible. A sudden loud noise will often frighten a bear and other animals away from your campsite. If you have a gun, then consider putting a few blanks in the chamber and pulling the trigger as this can quickly scare a bear away Depends which bear species, where you are, season, and how clean you left the outside of your camp. All bears should be regarded as curious. Black bears, lower 48: Making a loud noise should be enough to scare them away. You may have to get out and chase them (avoid cornering them) some distance But seriously, just lay there in your tent, remain quiet and let the bear do what bears do, which is look for food. When they don't find any, they will move on. If they approach your tent or get too close for comfort, get out of the tent and make a lot of noise to scare the bear off. Wave arms, jump, act craz

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Things like deodorants, soaps, lotions, toothpaste, and even some bug repellents are going to be very interesting to a bear. You want to keep these, and anything with a strong, alluring smell, with your food at the bear hang. When your food and gear is up and in smell-proof container you'll keep the bear disinterested in your area Brown/Grizzly Bears: If you are attacked by a brown/grizzly bear, leave your pack on and PLAY DEAD. Lay flat on your stomach with your hands clasped behind your neck. Spread your legs to make it harder for the bear to turn you over. Remain still until the bear leaves the area

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The bear actually tore into an adjacent tent that was empty and the grunting woke us up. When we opened the tent door it stood on its hind legs and looked at us. It had charged me that evening and one guy that had a tent to himself decided it was time to move to an occupied tent that night You Should place your Bear Canister about 100 Feet Downwind from your camp for the night. Place the canister between some rocks, or tucked under a log. This will keep any wildlife that may find it from kicking around your canister during the night. Below we will go into greater detail on the topic If you encounter the same bear multiple times as reported in the middle of the night, taking off in the dark probably isn't the safest approach: You may avoid the bear, but break your ankle or neck. Making noise seems to be the oldest remedy, and fires supposidly keep them away, but again, they may be use to it

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  1. You should absolutely keep all food items unavailable to bears. Bears can be curious and inquisitive, but generally take all opportunities to avoid humans A bear attacking a sleeping human in a tent is so rare as to elicit national news coverage when it happens
  2. Stock up your packs with flashlights and bear spray to keep in the tent at night. Flashlights can always be useful to help find things and point you in the right direction when walking at night
  3. Perhaps the best way to counter bear attacks is to avoid meeting one in the first place. Before you pitch your tent in a campsite, make sure you have taken the measures to discourage bears from entering your camp. Also, make sure to bring cans of bear spray when you go camping. Do you know some other tips on how to deal with bear attacks
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  5. imum of 100 yards (91 meters) from where you store your food and other supplies, and from your cooking and eating area [source: Sanders ]. Keep all your supplies, including toothpaste and deodorant, away from your tent because anything with a smell can attract bears [source: NPS ]. Don't sleep in clothes you have eaten in.
  6. Black Bear Right Outside My Tent CampingCamping in the Tahoe National Forest/Plumas National Forest. Bears are common to frequent this area. But this one was..

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  1. 122. Colorado elk hunting in 3rd season with snow on the ground I returned to my campsite and had a cow moose with a calf within 50 yards of my tent. They didn't care that I was there and didn't leave. After eating and going to bed I woke up sometime later to something that sounded like a whoosh. Thinking it was the moose I didn't.
  2. What we do know are some key numbers from the 2017 Camping Report by Outdoor Industry. 40.5 million people went camping in 2016 on 587.2 million outings. 71% or 28.7 million campers sleep in a tent; Bear Attacks For People In Tents
  3. Set up a kitchen and cooking area at least 100 yards from your tent. Never eat inside your tent or in your sleeping bag. Try to make the cooking area downwind from your tent and always dump dirty dishwater downwind and far from your eating area. Store All Foods Securely; Foods that are sealed in plastic can still attract a bear

A grizzly bear pulled a woman from her tent in a small Montana town the middle of the night and killed her before fellow campers could use bear spray to force the bear out of the area HELENA Mont. Basically, how safe do you think you are when inside a tent with a bear nearby? Obviously the chances are extremely slim that the bear will do anything (assuming you don't have a tent full of food). I'm more or less comparing it to a bear encounter when you're not in a tent

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The bear-muda strategy borrowed from Wide Open Spaces, is an excellent tip on how to keep bears away. This strategy involves creating a triangle around your campsite. Pitch your tent in one corner and use the other two corners for food storage and to cook a camp meal. Make sure to leave at least 100 yards between all corners 5. Set up a bear hang. Place all of your food in a bag. Pick an area 100 to 200 yards (91 to 183 m) away from your tent. Pick a tree with a sturdy branch that is at least 18 feet (5.5 m) high. Use a bowline knot to attach a 40-foot (12-meter) rope to a carabiner. Attach the carabiner to your bag's handle A roaming dog might be perceived as a threat to a bear or its cubs. DO walk away slowly if you surprise a bear nearby. DON'T cook food near your tent or store food inside your tent. Instead, keep food in a secure vehicle or use rope to suspend it between two trees Urinating near or on your tent is not a good idea. All scouts and others who camp in the woods should be taught this is a dangerous practice. Bears can smell urine and will come to investigate. One scouter heard a bear sniffing around his tent after he went outside to pee. Nothing happened, but this was a bear attack just waiting to happen

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What to do if a black bear is outside your tent? Stop and calmly assess the situation. If the bear is not aware of you, quietly and calmly leave the area in such a manner as to avoid being detected. If the bear is aware of you, identify yourself as a human Keep a clean camp; do not cook or store food in your tent. All food, garbage, or other odorous items used for preparing or cooking food must be secured from bears. Never spray bear spray on your tent or surrounding area. In testing, bears were attracted to items sprayed with bear spray Dry sacks should be on your camping must-have list, dogs or no dogs. Sealine Blockerlite come in a variety of sizes and styles. We use these sacks to store the dog food, microfiber towels, rope toys, and sleeping bags. Completely waterproof and lightweight, they keep everything nice and dry. Packing is a breeze Safe Camping in Bear Country:1. Do not store food, garbage, or toiletries in your tent! Keep your camp clean. Store your food safely. Use bear-proof containers. Metal ammunition cans ($10-20) and Bear Canisters (approximately $50-60) are easily packed and transported. Keep your tent and sleeping bag free of all food smells If any bear attacks you in your tent, or stalks you and then attacks, do NOT play dead—fight back! This kind of attack is very rare, but can be serious because it often means the bear is looking for food and sees you as prey. Bear Pepper Spray. Bear pepper spray can be an important thing to carry when exploring the back country

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Imagine popping your head outside your tent, and being greeted by this big ol' bear in the morning. . . you won't be needing that cup of coffee to get you going after this! The footage was. The best way to do this is to start with a camp set up that facilitates these goals. In his book Safe Travel in Bear Country, Gary Brown describes a basic camp set up where the sleeping area is upwind of the kitchen and food storage area and at least 300 feet (100 meters) apart (see Figure 6.26). Figure 6. 2

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In another thread, Ryan posted: I woke up one morning and found lots of fresh (grizzly) bear tracks outside my shelter (a tent).Curious bear, roaming around camp. Since I've never had this happen, I'm curious what you would do if you'd woken up while the bear was roaming around outside your shelter and realized it was there Do not keep any food or clothing that you wear when cooking in your sleeping area. No snacks, food scraps, or food wrappers should be kept in your tent. Doing so may attract a bear who may easily attack you and your tent to get at whatever food you may have. Have a set of clothes especially for cooking and dining Ready your bear spray. Make sure you bring a bear spray if you're camping. It is your first line of defense. Place this in a very accessible pocket on your clothes so you can easily get it when you encounter a bear. If the bear does not attack immediately, you have time to get the bear spray slowly out of the pocket 5 Tips For Camping in Bear Country. 1. Be Careful While You Hike. Bears prefer dense cover, so if you are out hiking alone and come across an area of thick vegetation, make some noise! Bears can become aggressive if they are startled, so do everything you can to provide a warning that you are coming

This is intended as a floating emergency shelter but I could see this doing double duty as a very safe tent for camping. Except for the price ($4000USD) and maybe a little more room to stretch out, it seems to fit the profile for the first portable (meaning by pickup truck) bear-proof camping shelter. The two videos below (one in English, the. The Access 2, an Outside Gear of the Year winner in 2017, was the first tent to use Easton's Syclone poles. Made from a secret sauce of carbon and ballistic fibers originally developed for. Also, try not to leave food unattended outside your tent or in the campground or picnic area. Birds or other animals can quickly steal pieces of food and may leave behind crumbs that will attract ants. Food Storage Options; As mentioned, a cooler may be enough to repel ants and nothing more will be needed unless you are in bear country This can alert you to my presence ahead of time, so you can avoid an encounter or get prepared for a marauding bear entering your camp. Barking dogs often make me nervous, and can deter me from checking your camp at all. Be warned, though: Plenty of dogs sleep through the sound of a bear entering camp. In emergency situations, a well-trained. little knowledge about bears goes a long way here; find out what attracts and do the opposite. If you seal and store food properly with no way for any smell to escape or linger. multi zip lock bags in a dry bag in a earth tone bear box or ursack while wiping down with unscented disinfecting wipes each sealed layer and use shelf stable foods (bottle of pop, chips, snack cakes, canned food and.

A: This is a popular question, and no wonder—a simple-to-use, passive bear deterrent that you sprinkle or spray around your tent to keep me away would help a lot of people sleep better at night in the boonies. And while naphthalene, the active ingredient in mothballs, has been shown to occasionally repel furry critters, it requires large. A black bear will attack you even in your tent if it perceives the smell of food. So, to be safe, keep the tent clean and keep food covered / Away from your camp. In rare cases where you happen to have a mountain lion outside your tent during the night, keep calm and watch its movement A bear can certainly smell all the items that you keep in your tent. These include lotions, insect repellent, deodorant, soaps, shampoos, and of course, food. The bear's sense of smell is roughly 2,100 times that of humans. In other words, the bear can smell up to a mile or two without question

Keep bear spray in an easy to reach area: outside of your pack on a strap, a holder on your belt or in the pocket of your pants. That means no midnight snacks such as granola bars in the tent. The bear is demanding more space. Don't run, but slowly back away, watching the bear. Try to increase the distance between you and the bear. The bear will probably do the same. If a bear persistently follows or approaches you, without vocalizing, or paw swatting, change your direction. If the bear continues to follow you, stand your ground

This Bear den meeting plan covers the requirements for the Bear Necessities adventure. The focus of this meeting is all about preparing for an outing. Going on the outing (an outdoor activity, day camp, resident camp or a pack/den camp out) will complete requirement 1 for the adventure. You can use this meeting to prepare for your specific activity If you need to hang your trash outside, tie up a bear resistant bag at least 10 feet off the ground and at least 5 feet away from a tree. If hanging your trash isn't feasible or attainable, either stash your trash in a bear box or dispose of it in a proper bear-proof waste container. Whatever you do, never leave your trash outside or accessible Choose your campsite carefully. Do not camp near a trail, salmon stream, animal carcass, garbage, or any backcountry metal fire pit (others may have left food odors). Do camp in a tent in an open quiet area where you can see and hear nearby wildlife and where they can see and hear you. Cook at least 100 feet away from camp, downwind Inevitably, if you do a lot of wilderness camping in your RV, you're going to find yourself in bear country. It's a sad fact of life that there are camping fatalities and injuries every year because of bear attacks and, during peak season, its rare that at least one bear every week is not put down by game officials somewhere in North America because it strayed into a campground, usually. From bowhunting to backpacking, a wall tent is the base camp that morphs an overnight trip in the great outdoors into a great overnight trip in the outdoors. For an outdoors amateur, a wall tent is a nice transition to spending the night outside. Much like a micro-cabin, these tents have four walls and a 9' ceiling so you can stand at full.

If a bear breaks into your home, do not attempt to confront the bear. Give the bear an escape route. If the bear cannot make its way out, go to a safe place and call 911. Tips for Bear-proofing your Campsite Maintaining a clean campsite is the responsible and safe thing to do when visiting bear country Russian Bear Market is known to offer the best deals on belts, backpacks, tents with stoves and support the passion of outdoor enthusiasts. Regardless of whether you are an all season camper or a winter adventure specialist looking to go on fishing or hunting during the chilly months, UP tents with stoves of Russian Bear Market are at your. Camping Activities - When You're Stuck in the Tent. Maybe the kids need some downtime in the tent. Or perhaps someone isn't feeling well. There could even be some unexpected weather that is keeping you indoors. Of course, you could just be relaxing under the protection of your tent to escape the bugs If you hear a bear or other animal outside your tent make sure it is aware that there is a human inside by using a firm monotone voice to scare it away. Turn on a flashlight or lantern. If the bear enters the tent fight back and yell. Many bears have been driven off this way Buy a tent you can afford, but remember that the last thing you want to discover is that your tent is not exactly waterproof during a 3am downpour. If you are new to camping it might be a great idea to rent your tent from an outdoor retailer or outfitter; they are great resources for tent camping tips

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Bear pushing on tent eventually bites camper. Two campers on private land in Montana were awakened early last Thursday morning when a large animal believed to have been a bear began pushing or. Family of bears cools off next to crowd of people at South Lake Tahoe beach. The record-breaking heat drove a family of mother bear and cubs to seek relief in the cool waters of South Lake Tahoe.

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Bink: Outside of bear canister required areas, I sleep with it next to me. Hiker Box Special: Bear can in the Sierra. Slept with it everywhere else, no ploblemo. Scrub: At night my food always went in an Ursack MinorI put the bag right next to me (when cowboy camping) or right outside my tent door (when tenting) Freestanding tent with rainfly, stakes and tie-down cords. (Your regular car camping tent will work fine during Alaska summer season.) Propane camp stove that uses 1 lb bottles. You may be able to pick up some of this gear in Alaska. This camping gear will fit inside a large duffel that can be checked

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This also protects from other animals, like squirrels and raccoons. Select a tree at least 200 feet away from your tent that has a sturdy branch about 15 feet off the ground. Ideally, the bear bag should hang ten feet away from the trunk and 15 feet above the ground.There are several methods for hanging a bear bag Growing cannabis in a tent is a great way to grow marijuana at home. You're not going to be growing on an industrial level. However, it's a way to take a medium-sized area (like a basement) and turn it into multiple environments

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Wildlife Deterrent horns can be an effective means of scaring bears away. They are small, light and easy to use, perfect for backcountry or home use. The Falcon Supersound weighs just 1.5 oz and emits a piercing blast that can be heard up to 1/2 mile away. It's 100 per cent ozone safe and non-flammable That's silly, because keeping bears out of your food is pretty easy.Buy a bear canister, put all your food and food-scented stuff in it at night. Put that canister 100 yards outside your camp at.

You can do this by bolting hasp and eyebolts to the container, reinforcing them with mending plates to prevent the plastic from ripping. Be sure that the lid fits tightly when the container is locked so a bear can't get its claws underneath it. Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance: Be Bear Aware! Chris Deziel is a contractor, builder and. Make sure you what to do when you're in grizzly bear and black bear country, but definitely also take some precautions if there are rattlesnakes around. Arrive at your campsite during the day. Set up camp while it's still light out. Don't pitch your tent in the dark. Always keep your tent zipped. At all times Here's what the experts say: If you encounter a grizzly, do not run. Avoid direct eye contact. Walk away slowly, if the bear is not approaching. If the bear charges, stand your ground (you. Never approach a bear (duh!) Hang your food in a tree if camping (at least 4m off the ground) Never have food or food odors in your tent (or even near your campsite) Travel in groups (never hike alone!) Keep your dog on a leash (they can provoke the bear) If you spot a bear, remain calm and do not run or scream

Gather your friends and family in this quick set up Bear Den Gazebo. Big enough to fit a picnic table, you can keep having fun while being protected from the elements. Builds in 45 seconds, take down in 15 seconds (not including door frame poles). Complete with dual vertical side zippers to for large roll up wall opening. Poles: 3 x 9.5mm. Bear is the Cub Scout program for girls and boys in 3rd grade. Bear Den Meeting Plan: Bear Necessities. This Bear den meeting plan covers the requirements for the Bear Necessities adventure. The focus of this meeting is all about preparing for an outing. Going on the outing (an outdoor activity, day camp, resident camp or a pack/den camp out. Black bears are distributed across the U.S. in at least 40 states, while brown bears, including grizzly bears, tend to live in the Northwest and Alaska.And sometimes people enter into bear territory without a clue. What to do if you see either of these two main classes of bears is pretty similar - but with one key difference, which you'll need to know if the bear actually starts to attack

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The best ultralight bear canisters and a complete guide to backpacking in Grizzly and Black Bear territories. Tested and written by Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers.Updated: August 18th, 2020 CC BY 2.0 Daveynin At a Glance: ‣ Bear canisters are a thick container used as a barrier to protect your food and scented items from bears Whether you are tent camping in Big Bear or want a lakefront Big Bear RV park chock full of amenities, Big Bear has campsites for every outdoor lifestyle. There are even free campsites in Big Bear, set deep in the forest where you can reconnect with mother nature. Big Bear has pet-friendly campgrounds and hiking trails I don't miss traipsing to the communal toilets in the dark or using my, ahem, makeshift arrangement in the tent, though I do miss waking up outside near our friends and sharing a quiet cuppa in.

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Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore includes two large islands in Lake Michigan--North and South Manitou Islands. Choose South Manitou to explore the island village and lighthouse or take a motor tour of the farming district. At South Manitou - Bay Campground (view campground map here), sites are tent-only Additionally, you can add on accessories like binoculars, bear spray, camp stoves, pot and pan set, utensils, bear canisters, handheld GPS, trekking poles, and more. This is deal for remote national parks like Katmai or Brooks Range. You can modify the package to exclude the tent if you're hiking into on of Alaska's 200+ public use cabins Offerings for Priests and Levites 22 No longer may the Israelites come near to the Tent of Meeting, or they will incur guilt and die. 23 The Levites are to perform the work of the Tent of Meeting, and they must bear their iniquity. This is a permanent statute for the generations to come. The Levites will not receive an inheritance among the Israelites. 24 For I have given to the Levites as. Here's my freshly updated list of essential backpacking accessories, ranging from basics like the best stuff sacks, bladders and water bottles, camp kitchen gear, water filters, tent stakes, and bear canister, to my go-to trekking poles, great values in a headlamp, camp stove, and knife, and what I sit on and slip my feet into in camp and lay. Discover campgrounds located around Big Bear Lake, California.Big Bear is a popular getaway spot, busy year round. In summer, it's cooler than the inland deserts and in the winter, you can go skiing.It's about 100 miles from Los Angeles and 150 miles from San Diego.. At 7,000 feet elevation, Big Bear's mountain location is a nice change from the coast and the desert

Hot Tents for Winter Camping and Hunting. Megahorn Tipi Wood Stove Jack (4P) Shelter [Just Restocked] $199.00. Rocket XL Tarp (1.5/2-person) Wood Stove Shelter. $159.00. Minipeak XL Pyramid (3P) Wood Stove Hunting Tent [Just Restocked] $189.00. Octopeak Tipi (6P) with Wood Stove Options. Regular price Unfortunately each region can do a different law about it and so the best that you can do is: 1. pitch your tent and do stealth-camping; 2. ask to local police about the possibility to do free camping out of the city. Anyway I think that in NON-tourist areas the police men will understand you and they won't make problems Kuma Outdoor Gear believes in creating durable, luxury outdoor products, it's that simple. Our emphasis is on rugged and tough products that you can depend on. Using premium materials and a focus on ultimate comfort, creates products that you can't live without. Kuma Outdoor Gear products are designed in Canada for the outdoor enthusiast.

Never leave garbage bags outside your tent. Either dispose of them at a nearby dumping station or place them inside an airtight container. Make sure there are no crumbs or food remnants near your. Yellowstone National Park Camping, Safety & Packing Tips. In light of a recent unfortunate event at Yellowstone National Park where a man was killed by a Grizzly bear, and since we just returned from a stay in this park, we feel a post about how to stay safe in Yellowstone would come in handy for many travelers who are planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park 1: Russian Bear Tent (Winter Tents With Stove Jacks) For those who consider them an avid fan of camping, the Russian Bear Winter Tent is a must have. This is listed as one of the best winter camping tents with stoves, probably because it has many features that campers look for.. Get a feel of the open and wild even when you're not there with its camo design G etting outside is always good, and this year camping in the wild far away from other people may be your best bet for a vacation. You don't have to be a camping expert to spend a few days on a camping trip, but it helps to prepare a few things before you leave the house, including what to eat, how to cook your meals and how to make that all important cup of morning coffee