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This is recommended for any WJ owner going to 5.5 or more of lift to eliminate vibrations stemming from the front drive shaft. This available option adds another joint to the front drive shaft cutting the work load of each u-joint to just half. This option adds $210 to the price of the conversion kit. Customer Ratings & Reviews Whether you are lifting your WJ or ZJ Grand Cherokee or simply trying to eliminate driveline noises and vibrations on a stock Grand Cherokee, Rusty's Driveshaft Conversion is the solution! This kit converts the front driveshaft to a conventional Constant Velocity (CV) joint at the transfer case and a traditional U-joint at the axle. The kit includes a new driveshaft assembly, a yoke for the. October, 2015. The IRO 6.5 Premium suspension lift made the stock front driveshaft incompatible. Carolina Driveline makes a Jeep WJ specific front drivesha.. WJ Front CV driveshaft to U-Joint Swap - Pictures: KWall77: ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum: 31: 02-02-2016 10:35 AM: 249 to 242 swap confirmation question: JFCIII: ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum: 2: 11-11-2009 04:10 AM: front driveshaft swap: Mike Cooper: ZJ Grand Cherokee Forum: 4: 08-13-2008 07:34 AM: Front driveshaft too long after swapping front.

ZJ/WJ Front Drive Shaft Package This package includes a 1310 series double cardan style drive shaft, a 1310 double cardan yoke for the transfer case, and a u-bolt style yoke for the pinion. This is what you need to eliminate that pesky cv joint at each end of your stock drive shaft and replace them with universal join Hey, I'm getting around to swapping my front axle on my '02 4.0/242 equipped WJ. I can hear clicking from the front driveshaft, and I don't want another CV type. I currently have the u-joint on the front diff and the CV on the T-Case side. Can anyone point me to an interchangeable yoke for the WJ's 242? I've gather that the double cardan shaft from the V8 95ish ZJs will work, however I've not. WJ Grand Cherokee Installing a Tom Wood Custom Drive Shaft: Jeep : Replacing our WJ s stock front drive shaft with a custom double-cardan shaft from Tom Wood swap out the stock 3.55 gears in.

The 26 spline front t case yokes are all interchangeable on a WJ. I have read that on rare occasions you might run into a 32 spline front output shaft but I've never seen one. The 242HD I bought to replace my 247 has the 26 spline output so the V8 case is the same too. To make sure when you pull the shaft see if the pinion yoke will fit on the. If you have a 1999-2001 WJ, you might have a CV joint at the transfer case instead of a u-joint. In this case you will need to also find a donor shaft out of a 2002-2003 V8 Grand Cherokee. Some people have swapped out there old output to the new transfer case. You can purchase a new front shaft from Tom Woods or a local drive line shop. Electrical WJ Front Driveshaft Conversion.docx Rev 1.0 14. Tighten the pinion nut again until the rotating torque is increased by 5 in-lbs. 15. Remove front t-case drive flange. 16. Install new t-case yoke and torque nut to 90-130 ft-lb. 17. Install new driveshaft. Torque U-bolts to 14 ft-lb. 18. Reinstall brake rotors and calipers

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Turns out it was just the drive shaft! I wound up replacing the 247 with a 231 from a xj. I had to swap the input shaft from the 247 to the 231, but it wasn't that bad. I also replaced the front yoke with a xj yoke, and found a zj front shaft the correct length. The only down side now is the 4wd indicator doesn't line up right now Replace ball joints if necessary. Install the WJ knuckles. Be sure and use new cotter pins on the castle nuts. Replace the axle shaft u-joints, if necessary, and install the shafts into the housing. Bolt the caliper bracket to the knuckle, if it's not already. Apply some threadlocker to the threads So I am thinking about possibly building a WJ, and I don't want to waste a single penny on the dana 30. I'm looking at a Rock Krawler 5.5 suspension with 33's or 35's So WJ's have different inner/outer knuckles which means no companies (currie, solid, etc) make a bolt in front 44 for the WJ. They all say it can be done, I would have to send them the old D30 housing so they could transfer the. Grand Cherokee Front Drive Shaft, Double Cardan Jeep Grand Cherokee front drive shaft replacement is a good idea for almost any ZJ or WJ version Grand Cherokee that is still running a stock drive shaft. stock front drive shafts used fairly low grade components. Add a lift, bigger tires, and years of wear and tear an Rusty's offers an assortment of Jeep driveshafts and drive shaft components as well as driveshaft conversions. Upgrade to longer driveshafts to accommodate a lift kit, and eliminate the failure prone Rezeppa style joints used in later Jeeps. These driveshafts are available for XJ Cherokee, TJ Wrangler, LJ Wrangler, MJ Comanche, ZJ Grand Cherokee, WJ Grand Cherokee, JK Wrangler, and YJ Wrangler

Buy New Front Driveshaft For Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 4.0L 2002 2003 2004 - BuyAutoParts 91-00649N New: Drive Shaft Assemblies - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase 1,265 Posts. #4 · Aug 8, 2003. Aluminum 44's. First off, the WJ and ZJ axles are totally different. Soup to nuts totally different beasts, both front and rear. ZJ fronts are basically TJ ABS fronts, more or less. ZJ 35c rears are well, not worth talking about, and the Dana Super 44 aluminum centersectioned centersections are c clipped and.

Without crawling underneath both my rigs, I am not for sure how the steering is setup on the WJ. Both axles are Driver's drop (post 80's Wagoneer) so the diff should not be an issue. Maybe I need to get the front driveshaft modified. The rear axle ratio would need match the new Dana44. Maybe swap in a Dana44 in the rear, also! :naughty Joined Feb 18, 2008. ·. 9,974 Posts. #10 · Nov 10, 2010. jeepers48 said: I did the swap on my daughters 2001 WJ, but I swapped out the alum D44a and replaced with the D35 from a 2004 WJ. Direct bolt in and I also used the same rear driveshaft. Yes both axles share the same disc brake backing plates and brake assbls the OP stated that the vibes were only there with the front d-shaft in place, that's why the front drive shaft was removed. if the u-joints/CVs was the immediate problem, then the vibes would exist/persist whether the front d-shaft was in place or not because with no lock-outs (or axle disconnect) they turn all the time

XJ/ZJ/WJ Axle Information. D30/35 general info: These have great aftermarket support with axle and lockers. They tend to hold up to mild off-road use with lockers and up to 33 tires. Tend to have the smallest brakes so stopping larger tires will be more work for them. The weak part of the D30 is the front u-joints typically Factory WMS is 63.5, axle can be built to 65 to match our front WJ 60. NOTE: 65 WMS with big brake front uses JK set 10 bearings and brakes!!! ***DRIVESHAFT WILL NEED TO BE SHORTENED APPROXIMATELY 1.5 INCHES** For DIY enthusiasts, a drive shaft conversion is an option to relieve a worn or rattling drive shaft, especially if you just tuned up the rest of your drivetrain. 4 Wheel Parts offers easy to install U-joints, yokes, shafts and more for a WJ front drive shaft swap project

Random question. Im considering swapping axles on my WJ at some point. Reason being, Id like to move up to 35s. The D30 and 44 just dont have a lot of aftermarket support and well they just arent that great past 33s plus Id like deeper gears. I do not want tons. JKs are out mainly due to cost. I. Crown Automotive Front Drive Shaft for 96-98 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ with 5.2L or 5.9L Engine, NP249 Transfer Case & Dana 30 Front Axle $599.99 $775.84 Crown Automotive Front Drive Shaft Yoke Kit for 94-98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Z

WJ's & Some ZJ's may require Pinion and/or CV t-case yoke(s) as well. YJ Fronts with a 2 Joint drive shaft will require a CV yoke at the t-case for this shaft to work. Please READ: ***This Shaft will require a very simple measurement to place your order, leave you measurement in the notes section on checkout.** We Can Help You To Select the Ideal Parts or Accessories For Your Daily & Off-Road Needs.. Quadratec Is the One-Stop Shop For All Your Jeep Parts & Accessories Needs If, in fact, that shaft is from a WJ 4.7 and you have a WJ 4.0, be prepared for it to not be the correct length. Skip the TC drop, that's the band-aid solution to a problem you're about to correct anyways with a double cardan front shaft This is recommended for any WJ owner going to 5.5 or more of lift to eliminate vibrations stemming from the front drive shaft. This available option adds another joint to the front drive shaft cutting the work load of each u-joint to just half. This option adds $210 to the price of the conversion kit I would grab a regular 95-99 XJ d30, front driveshaft, 96-01 4.0 rear driveshaft to match the rearend and tranny you are putting in, transmission, tcase, and tcase shift linkage. IIRC that is all you need to do the swap

ZJ/WJ Front Drive Shaft Package This package includes a 1310 series double cardan style drive shaft and a u-bolt style yoke for your pinion. This is what you need to eliminate that pesky cv joint at the axle end of your stock drive shaft and replace it with a u-joint. Works on vehicles with 4 of lift or less. This sh I just bought a '95 ZJ with a NV249, with the plan to swap to NP242. I picked up a 242 from a '98 ZJ, and it came with both front & rear driveshafts. This is fortunate because it does NOT appear to have the same type of rear driveshaft that is currently in my '95 WJ Replacement Double cardan options. I've got a 2004 WJ with a bad ujoint. This is the front drive shaft with a double cardan and yoke at the transfer case and a yoke at the axle. The Haynes manual, and most sources I've found state that you've got to replace the entire cardan assembly. In taking it apart, I've found this is true since all the. 09-03-2006, 04:14 AM. These are the lenghts of the shafts I use for my WJ using XJ stubs. Long side=33 7/8 Short side 18 1/8. Dutchmans # is (503)257-6604 ask for Gary, he's was real helpful with me. I paid $275 for a set of inner shafts 560 Posts. #2 • Jul 6, 2014. Wagonburner said: Searched around with no luck yet. 2000 WJ 4.7 Quadra-drive (so vari-lok) Only owned for a few months. On test drive it clunked when giving it gas when in low, worse when turning. My cv-boots were torn and there was some minor hopping on tight turns. Replaced both shafts

52105884AA, 52105884, P52105884AA. OEM Refs: 52105884AA, P52105884AA. Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L 2002 - 2004. Length: weld to weld: 20 to 21. Transmission: Manual and Auto. This shaft has no flange at the diff end, it attached to your vehicle with universal joint straps Build Your Own 1 Ton Axle Swap 1350 or 1410 Shaft. JK Front 1 Ton 1350 CV Driveshaft; JK Rear 1 Ton 1350-1410 CV Driveshaft; Ford 8.8 Pinion Yoke. FORD 8.8 FORGED 1350 PINION YOKE U-BOLT STYLE; Seals and Adapter Seals. Adapter Seal for SYE 1350 CV Yoke or Flange; Adapter Seal YJ 231 T-case, 1350 HR CV YOKE; Rear Seal for SYE Kit [slip yoke.

I think you can swap yokes and go to a double cardan type drive shaft. We have some wj members who should be chiming in soon. 1996 Cherokee classic. 100k Miles, I6 HO, AW4, Np242, D30/C8.25 4.5 RE lif 1) Have a local shop modify my drive shaft to be shorter, easy to cut and reweld. This is the cheapest. 2) Have a local shop or Tom Woods build me a new drive shaft that is beefier. 3) Get Tom Woods SYE for the 242 with a new beefier shaft, most expensive @ $500 ($900 - $400 core deposit).. Dodge Durango (WD) (2011-2021) w/ 4WD; Front Drive Shaft to Front Axle or Transfer Case. Dodge Durango (WD) (2011-2021) w/ 195mm Rear Axle; Rear Drive Shaft to Transfer Case. Dodge Durango (WD) (2011-2012) w/ 215mm Rear Axle; Rear Drive Shaft to Transfer Case. Drive Shaft Retainer & Bolt Set; Includes 2 Bolts and 1 Retainer You may want to check the drive shaft at the front cv. Not sure it is the same on the V8 but when I blew out the front cv it was making the same type of ratcheting noise. Mine is the 4.0 but it might be the same problem The general rules to follow are: Use a conventional (non-Cardan, a.k.a. non-cv) u-joint driveshaft in your Jeep whenever possible. If using conventional u-joints, the joint angle at the transfer case must be complimentary with that of the axle, i.e., if the drivetrain tilts down about 5 degrees, the axle pinion should tilt up about five degrees

12. Steering Knuckle minus shaft. Remove the inner axle shaft and replace: Remove inner axle and replace. 13. Remove inner axle and replace. When putting everything back together there isn't anything special to do. Torque the 3 12 pt 13mm hub bolts to 75 ft/lbs. Torque the main 36mm hub nut to 175 ft/lbs Hey fellas, I have a friend with a 2001 Dodge Durango. Its 4x4 and the front driveshaft UJ's are on their way out the door, he's having money problems and has to be able to drive back and forth to work daily. So, he can't afford to swap them right now. Would it be possible to remove the front..

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A new automatic four wheel drive system called Quadra-Drive was introduced in the WJ. This is where the drive system can send needed torque to the front and rear wheels as necessary. Old-school pushrod V8's were replaced by a newly-developed 4.7L PowerTech V8 that was lighter, more efficient, and more powerful (235 hp or a 265 hp high-output V8) The I.D. tag is located on rear of transfer case near where the driveshaft exits. These cases came in '93-'98 ZJ (NV249 Quadra-Trac) and '99-'04 WJ (NV247J Quadra-Trac II). Each has a full-time 4WD system that automatically biased torque between front and rear axles. For the '99 WJ, the NP247 Quadra-Drive II was introduced Please be aware that this is a driveshaft or prop shaft, which runs from the front to the rear of your vehicle. This is not the same thing as an axle shaft. Brand new front driveshaft for all 1999 and 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 4WD. 20 long, connects the transfer case to the front differential Posts: 333. Re: Front driveshaft as rear. I just did this on my `95 with 242 t-case and 8.25 rear using the RE hack-n-tap and the flange from rockford driveline. I pulled a shaft from an XJ with the 4./AW4/231 combo and when I went to bolt it in, it was about 3 inches too short. Even with the driveshaft completely extended it wouldnt reach

XJ Cherokee Conversion to WJ Front Brakes & SteeringPart 3 - Knuckles, Steering & Brakes. This is the third article in a series describing the addition of year 2000 WJ Grand Cherokee steering and brake components to my 1988 XJ Cherokee. In this part, I describe the conversion to TJ hubs and WJ knuckles, steering & brakes 84-01 Cherokee XJ Jeep Front Upper + Lower Control Arm Track Bar Screw Bolt Nut Hardware. $23.99. 97-01 Cherokee XJ OEM Intermediate Steering Shaft. $62.99. 91-95 Wrangler YJ 4WD Vacuum Wire Harness Axle Disconnect Lines 4x4 53007920. $44.99. 93-04 Grand Cherokee ZJ/WJ Front Drive Shaft Yoke 242 247 249 Transfer Case. $43.99 Front Drive Shaft. Since I had a shackle reversal, I had a custom front drive shaft with extra up-travel built. Another guy, Kerry, who did this swap without doing the shackle reversal said that the front driveshaft from a 2.5L AX5 YJ is the perfect length - it's about an inch shorter than the 4.0L AX15 driveshaft This is a standard drive shaft setup that is going to cause vibrations. Notice how the pinion angle is very different from the transfer case output shaft angle. Here is a CV type setup that is done correctly. The pinion should be 2 degrees below being pointed straight into the drive shaft. Here's an improperly setup CV system

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  1. DIY 1410 Series Driveshaft Kit; Build Your Own 1 Ton Axle Swap 1350 or 1410 Shaft. JK Front 1 Ton 1350 CV Driveshaft; JK Rear 1 Ton 1350-1410 CV Driveshaft; Ford 8.8 Pinion Yoke. FORD 8.8 FORGED 1350 PINION YOKE U-BOLT STYLE; Seals and Adapter Seals. Adapter Seal for SYE 1350 CV Yoke or Flange; Adapter Seal YJ 231 T-case, 1350 HR CV YOK
  2. Here is a step by step walk through of what you need to do. This write up was done by a guy who did the swap and it is how he did it. Red 1994 Jeep YJ, Stock Motor and Trans, Stock dana 30 front, Superior Super 35 with detroit locker, 3.73 gears, 33 tires,. 1999 Ford F-350 PSD 7.3L, crew cab, dually, 4x4
  3. The 242 has a driver's side front output and centerline rear output. The NP242 features two ranges; a low range gear that is a respectable 2.72-to-1 low and a direct-drive in high range. It features three drive modes; 2wd, full-time 4wd and part-time 4wd, yielding: two-wheel-drive, high (direct-drive
  4. The first is driveline angles. A YJ's rear driveshaft is short enough as it is, and raising the front end of it 5.5″ makes for a pretty severe driveline angle. While I know people who have kept their OEM-style driveshaft (lengthened, of course) after going SOA, you're much better off if you reduce the driveshaft angle
  5. A great 8.8 rear axle upgrade for your Jeep ZJ. Don't waste money rebuilding your Dana 35 axle or upgrading it when you can replace it with this bolt in this Ford 8.8 axle complete assembly. It is Factory width with the same lug pattern. It Also Comes with Disc brakes, and has E-brake shoes built into the Rotor assembly
  6. The output for the front drive shaft is on the right side and the rear output is in line with the input. This enables 2-wheel High to be direct-drive, which is quieter. Otherwise the Dana 20 offers the same drive modes as the Dana 18. Its low range has a ratio of 2.03:1. The Dana 20 is generally compatible with the big hole Dana 18

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  1. Jeep Axles. Upgrades. Factory Options. General. This Dana 30 features an open knuckle design with 7 1/5 ring gear. Although the same model axle has been used for almost 25 years, they are not compatible. There are numerous various in brakes, hubs, differential orientation, wheel bolt pattern, and width. The R&P ratio ranges supported by the.
  2. Things heat up like an oven under the hood when rods, pistons and other mechanical doo-dads are in motion. If it weren't for advanced machining, none of this would be possible. Take your Jeep's performance to new heights with a TJ front drive shaft. Big Brags From Small Rods Need a 2006 Jeep Wrangler drive shaft? First off, look for a direct fit
  3. The long awaited WJ 4-inch Longarm Upgrade Kit is a comprehensive package including everything needed for a great suspension upgrade while maintaining the vehicle's crucial center of gravity. The kit includes adjustable high-clearance X-Flex upper and lower control arms with Clevite bushings, featuringX-Flex joints
  4. Here's how to do it. First, I'll run through some of the reasons why people swap in a 231. Low-Lock The 93-95 249's still rely on the viscous coupler to transfer power while in 4Lo. This presents a major problem off road as the front and rear driveshafts are NOT locked together. This issue is most apparent when attempting to climb a steep.
  5. May 12, 2018 - Explore Mushtaq Ahmed's board Drive shaft on Pinterest. See more ideas about chassis fabrication, drive shaft, automotive mechanic

For 1999-2003 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Front Prop Shaft Driveshaft 4.7L 4x4 20 (Fits: Jeep Grand Cherokee) $122.06. Was: $129.85. Free shipping. 366 sold Driveline Vibration and How To Cure It on Lifted Jeeps This is a copy of an e-mail that I just sent to a good customer of ours, that I thought might benefit someone else, looking to eliminate driveline vibes from their lifted Jeep. Feel free to comment below for clarification, and I'll answer your questions/comments as quickly as I can great idea with this thread its alot easier to post a question than a hole thread that will clutter up the forum. so i am collecting parts to swap in the 231j t-case out put shaft. i have gotten my cherokee front drive shaft already and like most other builds its going to need to be cut down. i was wondering what welds to grint down to decide where to cut at? i know there is some what like a. ive been searching all over south fort worth and cant find a good auto salvage yard with a 4x4 kj to **** the front drive train off of. I need everything. from my understanding the front drive shaft and both models of transfer case are the same. are the differential carrier and axles specific to.. The Ford 8.8 is a very popular swap (have done that on my own YJ) but you will need to cut the leaf spring brackets off the axle and weld on new ones for your pinion angle and get a new DC driveshaft. A D44 out of a Wagoneer (if you can find one) is also a nice swap but I believe the wheel pattern on those is a 5 x 5.5 instead of the 5 x 4.5

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  1. JEEP™ Wrangler YJ 1310 CV Rear Drive Shaft for YJ Man.Trans. 231J Works with SYE (Fits: 1992 Jeep Wrangler) 5 out of 5 stars. (3) 3 product ratings - JEEP™ Wrangler YJ 1310 CV Rear Drive Shaft for YJ Man.Trans. 231J Works with SYE. $289.99
  2. Neat using a front drive shaft in the rear. Since it is so hard to find a drive shaft or get a measurement. I am just going to take a drive shaft to the machine shop. My auto drive shaft is 31 inches from outside to outside of the u joints. Going to add an inch and a half to that making it 32.5
  3. um pumpkin. It's weak and not an improvement over your Dana 35
  4. I had to drive my WJ home for about 3 hours from where we were at...and the grinding noise was REALLY bad. *front axle yoke*->U-joint->Drive shaft->slipyoke->remaining driveshaft->double u-joint(CV)->*front output of T-case* Nothing that I know of is a simple swap in. When the time comes, my front is getting ditched for an XJ HP D30.

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  1. XJ or WJ driveshaft swap? Thread starter matkal; Start date Sep 7, 2019; matkal TJ Addict. Supporting Member. Joined Mar 17, 2019 Messages 1,045 Location Michigan's Thumb. XJ front Drive Shaft for a TJ Rear Drive Shaft after SYE - JeepForum.com This is just a reference thread for future searches. A front XJ shaft can be shortened and.
  2. 5.) Remove the front drive shaft. a. Using a 1/4 ratchet and 12mm regular socket remove the bolts from the front output of the transfer case to the drive shaft. b. Use a mallet if needed to knock the u-joint out of the yoke at the transfer case. c. Once free you can rest the drive shaft on the cross member as you will be re-using it. Diagram.
  3. I have a 2001 Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee with the 4.7L V-8. I would like to convert the Qudra-Trac to a Select-Trac. Could you offer any detailed information on this swap
  4. My WJ 242LD to 242HD swap. Finally got around to swapping in the 242HD. Paid $121 for the TC and rear V8 drive shaft. Plus the ATF+4 (3), RTV (1) and U-joints (2). The 242HD's are found behind 2000-2003 V8 Grands
  5. I am in need of some help with changing my Dana 30 yoke and NV247 transfer case yoke in my WJ. From the factory the WJ comes with a Rzeppa - Rzeppa front driveshaft and I am trying to upgrade to a Double-Cardan driveshaft. I do however have the new yokes from Iron Rock Offroad (new in box), but I am very hesitant to do the swap myself
  6. I really don't see how you could have bent a front drive shaft from any debris from above. But I'll take your word for it. As far as a replacement drive shafts, go to Pull-A-Part, they are less than $20 ea. Any '93-'96 ZJ with 4.0 engine and any XJ front drive shafts are interchangeable

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A dual cardan driveshaft has one ujoint on the axle end of the driveshaft, and what amounts to two ujoints at the transfer case side. This is the front driveshaft from my 2005 Wrangler TJ And this is an up close view of the double cardan Removing the front driveshaft: To start, you'll have to make a decision - remove the driveshaft with. Iron Rock Off-Road double cardan front driveshaft. 2001 Quadradrive axle swap with Vari-lok LSD front/rear. Iron Rock Off-Road Steering Equalizer. Iron Rock Off-Road adjustable Track bar with flex joint. Catoctin Jeep and Off-Road 1 ton steering (1.5 inch .375 wall DOM) with GM offset TREs. Iron Rock Off-Road Drop pitman arm Black Rhino Barstow Textured Matte Black Wheel for 2007-2021 Wrangler JK/JL Gladiator JT and 1999-2020 Grand Cherokee WJ/WK/WK2. Warn Zeon 10-S Platinum Ultimate Performance 10,000lb. Winch with Synthetic Cable. Warn Zeon 8 Premium 8000lb. Winch Most problems involve getting and fitting parts into the engine compartment. You have to keep in mind the steering rod, hood clearance, the front drive shaft, the radiator, the cowl, the brake master cylinder, fenders, wiring, etc Engine Types - popular to not-so Some information provided by Novak Conversions. Chevrolet V8'

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  1. Well, the WJ axles aren't the correct length, either. This is probably a good thing since they use CV joints rather than U-joints. So I won't be using those. Continuing to research the matter, I compared specs for WJ QuadraDrive axles with WJ 242 axles. The QuadraDrive axles are 1.06 different in length (one is longer, the other is shorter)
  2. um driveshafts for street rod race car van pickup 4x4 truck. Large Dana Spicer Parts Inventory in stock. Dennys Driveshaft are high speed high rpm balanced and tested for optimum racing and hot rod performance. Driveline parts for Ford Chevy Dodge Jeep Oldsmobile Pontiac Cadillac GMC 2 WD or 4x4 Trucks
  3. New Process NP242 Transfer Case Parts 1987-2002 Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Liberty. Bearings, Drive Chain, Roller Bearings, Shift Forks, Oil Seals, Main Shaft Gears, Transfer Case Pump. ( 13795 ) Shift Fork Pad for 1987-02 Jeep Cherokee XJ, Grand Cherokee ZJ, WJ & Liberty KJ with NP242 Transfer Case by Crown Automotive. $2.95
  4. 04-19-2006, 05:27 PM. the VC and the Gerotor Clutch Pump are different, I am not positve on the QT-II system but if it is like the Quadra-Drive system where it also uses fuctions from the Wheel Speed Sensor (ABS) to monitor wheel speed and load to control the wheel drive function, then removing the driveshaft should not harm anything
  5. Hello all, I recently destroyed my front bearing on my Jacuzzi wj. It actually froze up and now its stuck to the shaft. I pulled the cages and ball bearings out but the race seems to have welded itself to the shaft. I just purchased a used wj jet for parts but the impeller on the old pump is in better shape and is stuck to the shaft which is still in the housing
  6. Front Axle - Grand Cherokee (99-04) Crown Automotive offers the largest line of Axle & Differential replacement parts for Jeeps. Our applications include Front Axle, Rear Axle, Yokes, U-Joints, Front Drive Shafts and Rear Drive Shafts for all Jeep® models
  7. 2006-2008 Dodge Charger / Magnum / 300C Automatic 9-Inch Direct Bolt-in Rear Conversion Kit -includes Axles, Hubs, and Driveshaft. $ 7,244.22 - $ 9,193.63. Select options

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Problem: Driveline / driveshaft vibration. Driveline geometry incorrect (wrong engine/pinion angle). Driveshaft Harmonics. Jim Clark, Hot Rod M.D. — The process that can be used to address a condition called driveshaft/universal joint cancellation, often referred to as adjusting pinion angle. This process can be used to eliminate the vibration and premature wear caused by improper. A Jeep CJ or Wrangler has a shorter wheelbase than an XJ Cherokee. The CJ or Wrangler rear driveshaft is shorter. In your case, the rear driveline is as long or perhaps even longer than the front shaft due to the longer wheelbase. This factory procedure (below) for the 1994 XJ and YJ will help demystify your driveline measurements One Mean Dana 60 Axle Swap. A post from our Jeep Hunter Google + page. 610Bob says: I am in the process of shortening and installing a Dana 60 front axle into my YJ and I just got the hydro assist mounted. I am using a hydraulic ram from surpluscenter.com. The pins I turned out of some 2″ steel rod. I threaded the ends and made my own nuts


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Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD with Dana 30 Super Series Axle 2002, Front Driveshaft by USA Standard Gear®. This restoration grade driveshaft component is a superior replacement for your factory part. Designed to fit and function the same as.. Jeep Comanche (MJ) (1987-1992) w/ NP231 Transfer Case; Rear Bearing, Front Output. Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ) (1999-2004) w/ NV147, NV242 or NV247 Transfer Case; Front Bearing, Each kit includes a replacement output housing, heavy duty main shaft, rear output yoke designed for a double-cardan drive shaft and all necessary hardware. The. If your axle pinion is pointed inline with the driveshaft, that would be an ideal time to swap to a CV shaft as that is what they require with little to no angle on the single U-joint. L.Clemons 1988 Ramcharger AW450-318EFI-NP435 4 speed-NP205 Transfer Case-Dana 60s-Braden Wormdrive Front Winc Axle, Differential & Drive Shaft Body Kits, Axle, Differential & Drive Shaft; Front Axle Assembly; Dana Model 25 & 27 - 1945-1971; Sort By: Show: Dana 25 Axle Shaft Assembly LH, 41-71 Willys & Jeep Models . Direct OE replacement Jeep parts and accessories built to the original specifications.. BOLT IN SWAP COMPONENTS . 1.Jeep Cherokee Chrysler 8.25 Rear ('97+) = bolt in and upgrades to 29 splines (strength comparable to Dana 44. 2.Jeep Cherokee Dana 44 Rear = found in some but not all '87-'89 Jeep Cherokee's with Towing Package . 3.Jeep Cherokee Dana 30 Front = ('95-'99) non-disconnect, larger u-joints, high pinio

Part out 2004 TJ, lots of stuff. Feb 5th 2021. Mean green Dual battery Tray meant for optima's NEW $40. 6 Flares, OE Style, NEW in bags with hardware, brand unknown $160. Hell 500 lights with covers (only 3), $20. Windshield a pillar light mounts, brand unknown $10. Shorty Exhaust header, NEW, brand unknown $100 Replacing our WJ's stock front drive shaft with a custom double-cardan shaft from Tom Wood Apr. 16, 2015 Jeep WJ Project: Detroit E-Locker, G2 Gear Installatio Here we have (1) 1310 Flange Yoke for use on a Ford 8.8 rear end swap. This flange will adapt and allow you to run a Dual Cardan shaft to your Jeep that you've done a 8.8 swap in. The kit includes (1) 1310 Flange Yoke. Pilot Dia: 2.000 Pinion length seems identical to D35, so no driveshaft length mods should be necessary. Vehicle: '71-80 Scout II rear, '74-80 front Bolt pattern: 5 on 5.5″, which allows wheel-swapping with any CJ if you need to borrow or lend a spare. Width: 58″ front, 58.25″ or 58.5″ rear — 2-2.5″ narrower than a YJ The kit also includes front and rear coil springs, a front adjustable track bar with drop bracket, 1/4-inch thick steel crossmember, skid plate and sway bar disconnects. Outfitted with Rough Country's N3 shocks, this Longarm Lift Kit is a total solution comprised of top-notch components designed for the avid off-roader who wants the most out of.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Turning problems. I own 2 JGC Limited's, a 1994 and a 1998. Both have a problem turning at slower speeds. I've replaced the Transfer Case on the 98 and it didn't help. The mech told me it was the 4 wheel drive engaging due to control arm bushings, shocks, and uneven tire wear (after replacing the TC!) Started this journey with a 2000 maroon limited wj. But found out over a few weeks of chasing transmission issues that it had many wiring flaws. So I picked up a white 99 larado that everything was mint other than the engine and the rocker arm issue, but I had a perfectly good 4.7 in the maroon one to swap into the white wj hello, ive been looking to replace my drive shaft on my dodge durango, but i cannot find the rear drive shaft. i always come across the front drive shaft but i do not use 4 wheel drive. any way someone can link me a thread to a rear full assembly drive shaft for an 01 dodge durango on a trusted.. Available on ZJ and WJ Grand Cherokees as Quadra-Trac II. This full time four wheel drive system offers a neutral and low range (2.72:1). Under normal driving conditions most torque is applied to rear axles but when slippage is detected a georotor pump engages a disc clutch to route power to the front axles

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Unfortunately you are a little wrong. The way these trucks are built the fro t drive shaft is always moving. It may not be driven by the transfercase but we do not have a disconnect in the front axle or hubs with the Rangers. The only thing that physically happens when going into 4WD is the transfercase shifting Long drive shaft: 14cm Short drive shaft: 10cm Package Included: 1x drive shaft set 2006 Jeep Wrangler Drive Shaft Manual Transmission Engine Amp Model Products Motor Engine 01-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ with Manual Transmission, Dana 35 Rear Axle & 6 Cyl. 4.0L Engine OMIX Rear Drive Shaft