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DO NOT MAKE ANY POSTS WITHOUT POSTING A PIC!!!!!!! for candaulists, couples, husbands, wives, gf's, etc. to connect and trade pics, videos, and whatever else. who knows, you might even meet after a casual conversation. Hey everyone. Over the past year this sub has grown a tremendous amount. While seeing so many new members contribute is. A few months ago, my wife said that she doesn't think she ever wants kids. We've talked about it a few times since then and she is doubling down on that idea. She says that she's no sure she ever actually wanted them to begin with. She says she enjoys having the ability to spend whatever she wants and doesn't want the financial drag of kids It's not of the ordinary sort. One husband has taken to Reddit to share his resentment towards his wife because according to him, she doesn't clean enough. My wife does not help clean, not unless I practically beg her, and even then she does minimal work, like pick up the living room or kitchen a little bit and vacuum one of the rooms, she might do dishes, he writes

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Cheat 8 - She Just Doesn't Want You To Go With Her Anywhere. Perhaps you might notice she leaves home a little early or more often than usual. Of course, she has an excuse, like getting to work early to get some extra work done or dropping in to see a girlfriend going through a difficult time Work on me to be a better person in case things do work out OR if they don't work out, then the next lady I fall in love with will get all my hard work. My cheating ex-wife will be the one who misses out! 4. Build an exit plan for when my kids finish school. And if things haven't changed, I plan to leave if she hasn't left me already I'm 37 years old and married without kids—and I haven't worked in four years. That feels like a confession. I didn't expect to be living like this in my 30s, but not working has worked out.

The Moneyologist My wife doesn't work, splurged $10,000 — and wants her name on my home Published: Dec. 18, 2016 at 10:48 a.m. E And unlike your wife, her friends don't have the foundation of being in love with you — they're more than ready to say what they really feel and encourage your wife to follow her heart, even if it means leaving you. 13. She doesn't remember the little things. We all have our own little quirks My (24F) live in boyfriend (29M) told me he doesn't feel a spark anymore, but that he doesn't want to break up and wants to make the relationship work. My boyfriend approached me a couple nights ago when we were in bed and told me he didn't feel a spark between us anymore, and hadn't for some time (@AITA_reddit) May 20, 2020 What she does is extremely stressful and I don't blame it for taking a toll on her. Recently, though she's been having a really rough time with work and is clearly stressed out about it. She's visibly upset much of the time, but she doesn't seem to want to discuss the specifics with me, he complains

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  1. Q. Menopause and hot flashes have taken my sex life away. My wife is 54 and started menopause at 46. For the past eight years it has been like I am married to my sister. My wife has no desire for.
  2. Whatever the case, do you best, and work with your wife to restore that spark in your marriage. Don't hold it against her. Talk to her about the lack of intimacy and work through your issues together, as a team. 5 Terrible Mistakes My Parents Made in Their 50-Year-Old Marriag
  3. It has nothing to do with whether his wife goes back to work. My wife went back to work after 6 weeks when our first child was born. We are at 25+ years. My point is that there is a bit of tricking her into doing something she doesn't want to do in the post. I don't think that's healthy for a marriage
  4. My wife begged me to try and work it out, go into couple's counseling, and started having sex with me every day. I stayed and agreed to take three months to see if we could work it out. It was incredibly hard but we eventually did feel like we overcame it and we're still together. — Reddit user giantemotionalmes
  5. 3. He feels I am impossible to please. I can't please you. If I don't do what you want, you are unhappy. If I do what you want, you say I am only doing it because you told me to.. I can't win here.. I am in a no win situation.. It is the same thing, over and over with you.. It's impossible to please you.
  6. 12 Reasons Your Wife Doesn't Want Sex Experts say that there is a general decline in sexual activities across American households. July 17, 2020 by Sarb Randhawa Leave a Commen
  7. 3. The change brings up your spouse's own fears and traumas - around money, wealth, worthiness, risk and more. 4. The change requires a leap of faith, which the spouse is afraid to make. 5.

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Sometimes, the guys who say, My wife is not affectionate anymore, will make the mistake of assuming that if a woman stops wanting to hug, kiss, hold hands and have sex, it's pretty much her fault. For example: He might say things like, She's turned into a plain Jane women who isn't interested in sex or She baited me into marrying her with sex and now she's withholding it. Brainstorm and discuss solutions to the problem. Bring up the possibility of marriage counseling. Choose a time when neither of you is tired. Clarify how the problem is impacting your marriage. Don't lecture. Identify the problem. Pick a location for the conversation that is free of distractions. Stay on the topic I love my wife, but this was exactly my wife about 1.5 years ago. Very prudish, lights had to be out, had to be at night, only a couple positions, no BJs, etc. She hit 30 and it was like a light bulb went off in the sexual part of her brain and all kinds of fun things have happened since then...(hency the name revitalizedhusband) Reddit user u/depressed-wife took to the site on June 23, 2021, making an elaborate post about how she discovered her husband's infidelity, the affair and a secret child that he was trying to get her to adopt. Given her tricky situation, the Reddit user took to the site to share her ordeal and get some advice on how to go ahead

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  1. I think our writer should very carefully ask his wife why she doesn't want oral sex from him. Rich: Agreed. Stoya: Specifically: Hey, I have no intention of ever trying to get you to accept.
  2. My wife and I have been married for 5 years. She is 31 and I am 37, we have 2 kids, 4 and 2. About a month ago my wife told me that she is having a pre-mid life crisis. She said that she has lost her identity and independence. We have the luxury of my wife staying home with our kids. She left..
  3. g enough. I just want to hang out, bone, and go home. 2) My taste is not vanilla. I need my sex to be safe.
  4. My Wife Loves Me but Doesn't Desire Me: Wife Not Interested In Intimacy. Relative to having a sexual relationship, there is a certain dynamic that men absolutely must understand and it is this: A woman's interest in sex and desire for sex (or the lack thereof) with a given man is a REACTION to that man
  5. For 40 hours each week I go to work, play League of Legends in my office, browse Reddit, and do whatever I feel like. In the past six years I have maybe done 50 hours of real work
  6. Dear Annie: My wife and I are lucky to live near the friendliest, most helpful neighbors we could ask for. They are a middle-aged European couple who moved to the States two years ago. Here's.

This is a true life story. I know there will be people who don't understand how I feel and it really does not matter. You don't have to believe anything I write. But when you have been cheated on, you will definitely remember the pain and the sorrow. My pain and sorrow is that my wife cheated on me Today, one woman tells us why she gave up her career in hotel administration to be a stay-at-home wife, what she's doing instead of a 9-to-5, and how, even though she's not bringing home the. Hi, my wife and I been together for 10 years, we have a 2 years old kid, we moved from our country because the problem it is facing, but after 2 months of been here she decided she is tired of me and told me she wants to be alone, I want to save it, I want to be around my kid all the time, I work from home and this is the first time im away from him, I been giving her space, but What confuse. Firstly, i just want to say that i admire you and your determination for a more positive life. The fact that you work 9 hours a day, plus half a day a wknd, shows not only are you a hard worker, but i can see you want security for your family. Owning your own business can be hard work and also difficult at times Here's the Reddit thread in full: My wife of 5 years had an affair with a co-worker last year. She was already pregnant with my child at the time. I'm sure the baby is mine, because I discovered all of their chat logs and pieced together a timeline. We also have a 2-year-old son

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I want to help. Let's address some of the reasons/excuses for a messy house one by one: I have a chronic illness which makes it hard to do any physical work. I get it. I live with this every day of my life. I've had to learn that when I'm having a good day, I MUST use my time wisely But you cannot use Scripture to force your wife to have sex with you. 1 Cor 7:4 gives your wife just as much authority over your body as you have over hers. The wife's body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband. In the same way, the husband's body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife. A man can become extremely frustrated when your wife doesn't want to have sex. Here are 5 things you can do about it that will improve your intimacy. I've heard from husbands of my patients, blog readers, radio listeners, and others about how frustrated and even angry a man can become when repeatedly rejected sexually The question. I've been together with my wife for nine years, married just over three. She was a soccer player, very fit, and exactly what I wanted from a wife so I stuck with her We have seen so many Reddit posts in which the dad doesn't believe his pregnant wife's discomfort, that we no longer trust Reddit dads very much. But, for the sake of argument, we'll try

So if you notice that your wife is refusing to fix your marriage, when you make it apparent to her that something is wrong, then it may be time to accept she doesn't want to make it better. When you love someone, you continue to put all your best effort forth to make it work, not give up on it. 12. She Doesn't Let You I The wife doesn't want to divorce her husband because he leaves used drinking glasses by the sink. She wants to divorce him because she feels like he doesn't respect or appreciate her, which suggests he doesn't love her, and she can't count on him to be her lifelong partner. She can't trust him I Cheated on My Husband But Now I Want Him Back - Tips and Advice That May Help. I recently received a somewhat heartbreaking email from a wife who told me that her marriage was over and it was all her fault. She had cheated on her husband, very briefly, with her boss. She said that she really did not know what she was thinking at the time For both husband and wife, it's a huge problem if they aren't in agreement. First: To The Husband Whose Wife Doesn't Want Sex. I can't even start to know the frustration you're experiencing. I've listened to men (and my own husband) as they've voiced their anxiety and grief and utter angst over this issue Reddit user AITAThrowaway9832 posted in the popular subreddit Am I The Asshole recently asking if he was out of line for suggesting his daughter and her husband hire a nanny. My daughter (27F.

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  1. Being tired is an excuse. Many people work hard and get tired. Sure, there are many competing priorities in life, but you do not want tiredness to push sex to the bottom of the list
  2. Second you can love your wife all you want but she doesn't have to love you back. Remember -she has already successfully decieved you and is capable of doing it again whenever she wants. Third - if she enjoyed her affair then you will be competing with him forever and that's just a fact - you may HAVE to get a divorce to save your own.
  3. Yes, he wants her to lose the weight and yes, he doesn't find it attractive, but what's important to understand is that she doesn't have to lose the weight if she doesn't want to. Just like a skinny guy doesn't have to start eating loads of food and going to the gym all the time to build up muscle for his girlfriend or wife

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2. Discuss the pros and cons of her last job. The last thing you want is for your wife to go back to a job or industry she hates, so be sure to discuss whether or not she was happy at her last job. Your wife will be much more willing to return to work if she can do a job that she genuinely enjoys So, people clearly had strong feelings about his work wife situation. The fact that he alluded to his friend at work being attractive, that he doesn't believe emotional cheating exists, and the notion that his girlfriend is overly insecure probably didn't help his case all that much It doesn't take weeks or months or years of pursuing a girl to get her. I can count on one hand the number of times I've heard a man tell me he chased a girl for a long time and finally got her, and I've heard thousands of men's stories about the women they got together with. The long sought romance that finally became real: it doesn't happen No, he doesn't know it's his birthday. But he knows he's doing something he enjoys. He knows he feels better than he had been. He knows those things. Now it's 3 months later and my BF is STILL on about cat birthday outings. Idgi. He helped care for him when he was injured and did probably more than I did, because I work 10 hour.

If you want kids and your partner doesn't, it can feel like an insurmountable problem that has no good ending. But while the issue at hand is serious, it doesn't mean you're without options The Problem: Spouse Doesn't Want to Budget or Plan . If your spouse understands the need to plan but just doesn't want to, or they hate following a budget because it seems like too much work, it can be difficult to get them on board. Sticking to a budget is hard enough when you're committed to it, let alone when you're not completely sold on the idea to begin with

Q. My wife had some nude pictures of me in our computer. Her best friend Natalie saw them while she was over here working at our desk. One day, I answered the phone and it was Natalie Dads confess their true feelings about pregnant bodies. We women are always talking to each other, commiserating, and sharing our deepest insecurities on the internet. But it's not often men get asked how they feel about being pregnant -- about having pregnant wives or girlfriends, that is. With the anonymity of the web on their side, dads and. For instance, let's say your wife typically works 40-hour Monday- Friday work weeks but suddenly starts needing to work overtime or weekends. Ask her about her current projects to see if the new work hours make sense, and watch your bank account to see if she's getting paid for the time she's working 3.5 years, he doesn't want to leave. I hate living here. I put on a happy face when we have friends over. We are the perfect couple and family Smile - don't let anyone know what is really going on. We have the perfect life. I miss my family, friends, my town, my old house, my old life. My kids miss their friends Digg - Money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure helps. Perhaps with that in mind, Redditor u/Imaginary-Cycle-5600 asked the r/AskReddit community to share This Reddit Thread Of Easy Ways To Make A Million Dollars Will Make You Want To Quit Your Day Job - Digg - Flipboar

Man sparks debate with claim that he and his wife are 'both pregnant'. A 27-year-old man is stirring controversy online by claiming that since his wife is pregnant, he is also pregnant.. The man, who is already a father of three, shared his story (and frustrations) to Reddit's Am I The A****** (AITA) forum on May 5 If you realize that she doesn't enjoy sex with you, you should find out why and see if there are any areas you can work on. Don't let ego gets in the way. 2. Try Something New. Maybe your wife is just bored. When you have the chance to have sex with your wife again, try something new. For example, if you are always the one on the top, you can. Trying to stop his damage while you are doing your own won't work. Expecting him to do the work of reconnecting also won't work. Remember-he doesn't know how. Case example: Debra The problem. Debra had been married for 15 years and had two children 12 and 14. She described her early relationship with her husband as ideal A woman doesn't want her stepfather to walk her down the aisle, and her parents are furious. She asked Reddit's Am I the A****** forum for advice. Her father died when she was 12, and her mom. Words hurt. Jessie James Decker revealed that she felt incredibly upset after finding a Reddit page dedicated to saying mean things about her. Every Time Jessie James Decker Clapped Back at Trolls.

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If you are an Alpha Male who is respected and admired by women, and you want to be a family man, it can work. The wife would know that if she treats her husband like trash there would be other women ready and willing to take her place. But the Average Joe doesn't have that leverage so he can only hope his bride doesn't do a 180 after marriage It has been a problem marriage. I am 53 and she is 32. Nevertheless, she has been in and out of the house during the entire marriage. I am lost. She has also said that she wants to deal with someone else, but doesn't want a divorce. I filed for divorce on February 14, 2017. And she came back saying she wants to try to make the marriage work Confession: I'm not attracted to wife after she got fat. 'I'm not attracted to my wife any more. And I'm ashamed of the reason.'. I'm sitting here trying to work out the best way to put this - because there is no right way. There's certainly no good way. It's not something I want to say, but if I'm honest with myself I'll say it But she doesn't kiss like my wife or feel like my wife. I want so much for Sally to make me feel better with her presence, make me feel safe and loved the way my wife does; because my wife is fucking someone behind me and I can feel her body getting thrusted back and forth against my feet and I can hear her moans The dilemma I'm 29 years old, child-free, and I'm about to propose to the love of my life. She is 36 and I know without a doubt that she would make a perfect wife. However, there is one thing.

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Surely some of these guys don't want to work or are getting by on their wives' income. But Furman says less than a quarter of the men who aren't in the workforce have a working wife and this. My wife told our therapist she viewed herself so negatively from the affair she doesn't care about anything wrong I've ever done to hershe just didnt want to lose me. Maybe I got lucky in terms of being betrayed; my wife had already ended the affair and has done every request and hasn't shown the judgmental resentment My wife, too, does not want to work but she also does not want to do anything for the adult son, now 26. She uses my money to support the lazy son who never works more than 3 weeks More for any employer

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He doesn't want you to meet his work wife. The first and most obvious reason is he doesn't want you to see how attractive she is or that they have chemistry. Another is that he's ashamed of you Hey buddy, if you want to call yourself 'an idiot' for how you treated your wife all those years it is okay with me; those are your words, and I won't dispute them. But if you let your wife just walk out the door without trying to convince her to stay, or promising her a better life then I am calling you are an idiot and these are 'my. If your husband doesn't want to split up but is willing to join you in counseling, it can create a safe space for both of you to share how you feel and for you to communicate you want divorce. My husband doesn't want a divorce but I do. Tip #2 is to be a compassionate wife and open the lines of communication 13. Don't talk someone into dating you. If the person you're into very vocally doesn't feel the same way, then one Reddit user says to just move on. Ask once, maybe twice if they seemed to be caught off guard the first time and are now showing signs of looking at you differently. But after that, move on, he says

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But thinking about a future together as a couple went from being a heartwarming feeling to something unpleasant. I didn't understand the exact reason back then but now looking back, we grew apart as people. We weren't compatible enough anymore and we were too young to work on it more than we already had. - Reddit user Redhaired10 Your wife wanted sex in the past. She wants sex NOW. She wants sex in the future. So, if your wife doesn't want sex with you, then she wants it with someone else. If your wife does not want sex with you, I suggest you use that as motivation to become the kind of man that your wife wants before she goes and finds someone else Nor do I see crying in front of my wife as a weakness. But (and I know many people say this) she really doesn't see a reason to apologize for anything. Somehow, some way she sees herself as innocent or a victim. 5. Taking Her Insecurities Too Lightly. My wife doesn't seem to care about ANYTHING I do. She is like an android There are thousands of women who want a relationship that includes sex. To put yourself through the emotional pain of staying in a marriage that is no longer a marriage is a recipe for disaster.

As a married couple, you have the option of filing separate returns, and it is a good idea if your non-working wife doesn't want to be responsible for your taxes. If you file separately, and your wife did not work and had no unearned income, such as dividends or interest, she might not be required to file a tax return, but in most cases your. 14 Reasons Your Wife Doesn't Want To Have Sex With You. 1. You're not spending quality time together. There are a million different reasons for this. You (and/or your wife) might be working too much, for example, leaving little time or energy left for each other. Or, maybe it just feels too scary, or too hard If you're saying my wife doesn't respect me then it's almost for sure that you're not in control of the marriage the way you should be. Once you do get control the right way, you'll not only have to stop think my wife doesn't respect me, but you'll be saying my wife worships me and as a happy surprise can't keep her hands off of me Giving space doesn't hurt or help with reconciling. Giving space is a neutral behavior. It doesn't really damage your chance of reconciling; it just doesn't do anything to build your relationship. The no contact rule has one major flaw. There is absolutely no way to build a relationship without interaction

Here are nine things he probably does not want you to do while giving him oral. 1. Use Your Teeth (Even Slightly) I realize that the idea of grazing his penis a bit with your teeth might seem like. Garrick Merrifield from Seeking Sister Wife is dedicated to his polygamist and religious lifestyle, but fans on Reddit are calling out Garrick for being a hypocrite. Although Garrick is entitled to lead whatever life he wants, Reddit users and other Seeking Sister Wife fans have noted instances in which the reality television star has seemingly contradicted himself

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An 8-year-old doesn't truly have the capacity to emotionally or logically understand what's happening, especially if it's their first funeral.. While the mom tried to calm him down, the dad went in an entirely different direction. After his constant wailing, I got pissed off and slammed on my breaks and turned the car around to drop. Wife doesn't want to have sex anymore but wants to stay together. Looking for advice especially if been in similar situation. Have 2 kids (7 & nearly 2) and wife has told me doesn't want to have sex anymore (I'm 40, she's 37, married 14 years together 19) because hasn't wanted or enjoyed sex for a long time (she does regularly orgasm through. Relationship rehab: Sad reason wife refuses to have sex with husband. A desperate man has revealed how his wife won't let him touch her and never instigates sex - as well as the reason why Sexplain It: My Wife Doesn't Want to Orgasm. Is That Normal? Zachary Zane helps a guy with an anti-climactic love life in this week's column. By Zachary Zane. Jul 23, 202

Here are a few rock-solid signs he doesn't want to marry you. Signs He Doesn't Want To Marry You Sign One: The Crazy Exes! If a guy has been seasoned with a few serious past relationships, that's a good thing. It means he isn't afraid to commit to one woman for a decent amount of time. That's definitely a good thing A young widower who lost his wife a couple years ago came to the subreddit for a ruling on whether he was being a jerk for refusing to delete or edit a post he made in tribute to his spouse. His current girlfriend asked him to take the post down because it referred to his love for his late wife in the present tense. Source: istock Do not spring the news on your wife at random. You need to plan out the day, time, and location. Arrange things with your wife so that she knows to leave the time slot open, but do not tell her before the predetermined time. Do not surprise your wife with the news before she leaves for work or when you're out at a party or restaurant

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It takes a brave man to walk out on his wife and kids. After he left her for a younger woman, Mark Harrison was portrayed in his wife's newspaper column and recent novel as a selfish cad. Now. One of the most thorough looks at gender inequality can be found on a Reddit forum. Jessica Valenti. Sep 30, 2020 · 4 min read. Photo: Francesco Carta/fotografo. If you want to know about the gendered domestic divide in American households, there are plenty of books to read, studies to peruse, and women's stories — exponentially more of. The majority of the time (95%), my wife doesn't have a vaginal or G-spot orgasms. Who knows, maybe if I did it for 45 minutes or I was bigger, it would happen, but that isn't the norm. So a lot of times she will use the toy on her clit while I'm inside her

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