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  1. g languages? TypeScript is ranked 29th while PureScript is ranked 42nd
  2. g and split of ReScript from Reason confused people, and now nobody knows what's happening anymore. (Im still confused myself, haha
  3. CoffeeScript, TypeScript, PureScript and now we also have ReScript. Granted, it's not new new, but it's recent and it's trying to take the place of the good old, and Microsoft-backed, TypeScrip
  4. Since they considered ReScript yet another JS alternative it would have been nice to see a comparison from their perspective with PureScript, Elm, Fable (F#), etc. Interestingly the author had another article on unit testing and they were using a simple function to add two integers as an example
  5. ReScript is the language for folks who don't necessarily love JavaScript, but who still acknowledge its importance. Difference vs TypeScript. We respect TypeScript very much and think that it's a positive force in the JavaScript ecosystem. ReScript shares some of the same goals as TypeScript, but is different enough regarding some important.

When comparing Elm vs PureScript, the Slant community recommends Elm for most people.In the questionWhat are the best (productivity-enhancing, well-designed, and concise, rather than just popular or time-tested) programming languages?Elm is ranked 10th while PureScript is ranked 40th. The most important reason people chose Elm is 但现在一提到 Script,我们想到的已经都是 TypeScript、CoffeeScript、PureScript 和 ReScript 这些语言了。这类 XxxScript 只要定好语法生成出 AST,把 AST 转到 JS 的格式就算完成编译器了 rescript-compiler. The compiler for ReScript. OCaml 5.3k 380. syntax. ReScript's syntax as a standalone repo. OCaml 177 16. rescript-project-template Template. Clone this repo to start your own project! ReScript 57 6 Hiya there this is a kinda sad letter, as I'll be moving away from rescript. I feel like your recent steps from reasonML to rescript were grave mistakes that took away from what made reasonML special and worth advocating for. I don't exactly want to change your mind on these things, as this is your project and if you feel that you're doing the right thing you should absolutely move. Learn more Libraries. The Pursuit package database hosts searchable documentation for PureScript packages.. Documentation. The free PureScript By Example book contains several practical projects for PureScript beginners.. Visit the documentation repository on GitHub, the central place where you can find articles, in-depth learning resources for beginners, and more

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1️⃣ Purescript Purescript is a child of Haskell (their syntax are almost identical), targeting mostly Javascript. PROS: Pure FP Purescript is a pure functional language. This seems to bring a lot of liberties and guarantees while reasoning about your code ReasonML VS PureScript Compare ReasonML VS PureScript and see what are their differences. ReasonML is a new face to OCaml that--when coupled with BuckleScript--makes web development easy... PureScript is a small strongly typed programming language that compiles to JavaScript. ReasonML Landing Page One of the most important differences to understand between TypeScript and ReScript is the approach each language takes to static typing. JavaScript, a dynamically-typed, just-in-time (JIT) compiled language, is at its heart an unsound language Typescript vs ReasonML. I started digging into ReasonML and found that I loved it, even more as you can do React with ReasonML. So I wonder, given all the advantages of ReasonML, how come it's not at least as popular as Typescript? Edit: ReasonML is supported and created by the same guy that created React

Tests vs. Types To briefly touch the discussion of testing vs. types: both of these things catch different classes of bugs, so it makes sense to do both in a nonpartisan-like manner. You can still use both unit testing and more advanced techniques such as property-based testing with TS while keeping the benefits of a static type system Reason/ReScript. Worse branding ever, but extremely good basic API docs. I lump Reason and ReScript together because when I started, Reason was the way to do what I wanted; write simple, strongly typed functions that had a sound type system, but still use the existing Node.js CICD pipelines for AWS Lambda. Now that's ReScript If you are missing a server please create a pull request in GitHub against this markdown document Language Maintainer Repository Im.. Snowpack v3.0 marks another huge leap on our mission to push web development forward with the release of streaming imports. Streaming imports make it possible to import any package directly into your project, pre-built and pre-bundled for immediate use. It's the power of the entire JavaScript ecosystem, at your fingertips I'm considering using PureScript for all the Cons-Points or reverting back to TypeScript. As much as I like Elm (especially as a teaching tool) I'm really unsure if it's a good fit for production - yes there is the nerd-factor and it's fun - but PureScript is even nerdier and much more fun ;) The OCaml vs Reason vs ReScript thing confused.

Union Types are common amongst many functional programming languages. Some call them unions, sum types, variants, disjoint unions, tagged unions. They can be found in Haskell, PureScript, OCaml, Reason, ReScript, F# and Elm. Some non-functional languages adopted them as well. Some treat union types as first-class citizen in the language's. PureScript and Elm have their place, as does Haskell+GHCJS, but the target audience prefers language features over easy integration into existing JavaScript applications. We have found the OCaml semantics and the code structure it encourages to be a perfect fit for JavaScript, resulting in generally clean and easy-to-integrate code Fable produces readable JavaScript code compatible with ES2015 standards and popular tooling like Webpack. Easy JavaScript interop. Call JavaScript from Fable or Fable from JS. Use NPM packages. The entire JavaScript ecosystem is at your fingertips. First-class editor tools. Choose your favorite tool: from Visual Studio Code to JetBrains Rider level 1. oteku_. · 1y. ReasonML is a language. Fable is a toolchain to compile F# to JS (comparable to js_of_ocaml or buckelscript in ReasonML ecosystem) Elm is a language and an architecture to build front end apps. If I assume your question was about comparing Elm / F# + Fable / ReasonML + jsoo / ReasonML + bs to develop JS apps (while F# or.

Rscript --help gives details of usage, and Rscript --version gives the version of Rscript. Other invocations invoke the R front-end with selected options. This front-end is convenient for writing #! scripts since it is an executable and takes file directly as an argument. Options --slave --no-restore are always supplied: these imply --no-save ReScript & React. ReScript offers first class bindings for ReactJS and are designed and built by people using ReScript and React in large mission critical React codebases. The bindings are compatible with modern React versions (>= v16.8). The ReScript philosophy is to compile as closely to idiomatic JS code as possible; in case of ReactJS we made no exception, so it's not only easy to transfer. I'm excited to announce that I finished my book, Functional Programming Made Easier: A Step-by-Step Guide. By the end of this book, the reader will not only learn Functional Programming, but they will learn PureScript. It would've come out sooner, but PureScript 14 was released right as I was finishing it. And unfortunately, I have the reader go to Pursuit many times to get them used to. This happened to me with Purescript 0.12, elm 0.18 and now with Bucklescript. Right now I was building a small project in Google Apps script, and I wanted to have some functional practice so I decided to write some utils in ocaml. To my surprise I was redirected to some unfamiliar rescript page PureScript, un lenguaje que lleva la programación funcional al browser. PureScript es un lenguaje similar a Haskell que compila a javascript, por lo que puede ser ejecutado por un browser y interactuar con una pagina web. PureScript fue creado por Phil Freeman, quien se inspiro en Haskell para hacer este lenguaje

Great Performance. Elm has its own virtual DOM implementation, designed for simplicity and speed. All values are immutable in Elm, and the benchmarks show that this helps us generate particularly fast JavaScript code. Learn more. Ember React Angular 1 Angular 2 Elm 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 4326 4612 3838 3494 2480 ms Benchmark Times on Chrome. An Introduction to Elm. Elm is a functional language that compiles to JavaScript. It helps you make websites and web apps. It has a strong emphasis on simplicity and quality tooling. This guide will: Teach you the fundamentals of programming in Elm. Show you how to make interactive apps with The Elm Architecture As neovim is mostly compatible with standard vim, you can symlink nvim/init.vim to your old .vimrc to keep old configuration options: $ ln -s ~/.vimrc ~/.config/nvim/init.vim. If you want some lines to be specific to each version, you can use an if block in your .vimrc file

R Script file is a file with extension .R that contains a program (a set of commands). Rscript is an R Interpreter which helps in the execution of R commands present in the script file They can be found in Haskell, PureScript, OCaml, Reason, ReScript, F# and Elm. Some non-functional languages adopted them as well. Some treat union types as first-class citizen in the language's syntax (e.g. Rust, TypeScript). Native support in the language isn't the only way of adopting union types

oftc has been around as an alternative to freenode for 20 years, and has what I would consider a responsible parent organization. It's not surprising that some people would pick it over something unproven In Part 1 I started with ReScript, I set up a project and made my first steps, got it running. Now I want to learn more and get to the point where I have a feeling for how to use ReScript, lets see where it takes me. I guess it will take me more than this Part 2 post to be comfortable to start a project with ReScript. Continue reading

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HTML5 is a core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. As of October 2014 this is the final and complete fifth revision of the HTML standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The previous version, HTML 4, was standardised in 1997 jsdom is a pure-JavaScript implementation of many web standards, notably the WHATWG DOM and HTML Standards, for use with Node.js. In general, the goal of the project is to emulate enough of a subset of a web browser to be useful for testing and scraping real-world web applications. The latest versions of jsdom require Node.js v10 or newer JavaScript VS ReasonML Compare JavaScript VS ReasonML and see what are their differences. Lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented language with first-class functions. ReasonML is a new face to OCaml that--when coupled with BuckleScript--makes web development easy... JavaScript Landing Page The question How do i add an Extra JsonProperty to an existing JsonDocument? has/had as of writing this post the following tags:. c#; system.text.json; I have several ignored tags configured, including wildcards. This question got filtered by my selection of ignored tags

作者 jackypan1989 (傑奇) 看板 Soft_Job. 標題 Re: [討論] 請大家聊聊 JavaScript的缺陷. 時間 Tue Nov 3 14:16:51 2020. 我覺得這個真的吵個沒完 不過看到 TS vs JS 兩者在爭論我也是笑笑的啦 列舉一些 TS 的優缺點 pros 1. 去掉一些 JS 最最最初級的錯誤 2. 某部分從 OO 抄來的概念. - `>>=` is the (non-descriptive) symbolic name that is used in Haskell, PureScript, and F# as well as many papers. - `bind` is the name given to above operation. It is also a frequently-used name whenever an operator is not used

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  2. TS + ramda + blabla 4. fp-ts 5. flow --- 分水嶺 --- 6. elm 7. rescript (前身 reasonml) --- 分水嶺 --- 8. purescript 9. haskell + ghcjs 或其他轉譯方言 10. rust 轉 wasm 所以我真的不知道 1 跟 2 有啥好爭的 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc.
  3. functional content on DEV Community. DEV Community is a community of 642,858 amazing developers . We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers
  4. Дальше про отличия: Flow - только аннотации типов, которые никак не влияют на рантайм TS - отдельный язык, который помимо типов так же добавляет свои runtime конструкции вроде enums, decorators, parameter properties et
  5. 我覺得這個真的吵個沒完. 不過看到 TS vs JS 兩者在爭論我也是笑笑的啦. 列舉一些 TS 的優缺點. pros. 1. 去掉一些 JS 最最最初級的錯誤. 2. 某部分從 OO 抄來的概念,可能相較容易學. cons. 1. UNSOUND,你看到的型別安全其實只能算是宣稱. 2. 侵入式的模式 (相較 flow). 3. 幾乎無法避免測試撰寫. 當然為了.
  6. Re:[討論]請大家聊聊JavaScript的缺陷@soft_job,共有39則留言,20人參與討論,18推 0噓 21→, 我覺得這個真的吵個沒完不過看到 TS vs JS 兩者在爭論我也是笑笑的啦列舉一些 TS 的優缺點pros1. 去掉一些 JS 最最最初級的錯誤2. 某部分從 OO 抄來的概念,可能相較容易學cons1
  7. The part I find most annoying is probably throttling / controlling abuse attempts vs legitimate users (balancing it well), it's tedious. archerx • 1 month ago. I made a custom e-commerce from scratch with PHP and doing the auth system wasn't hard at all and it is pretty secure. I feel people make auth seem scarier than it really is

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  1. Re: [討論] 請大家聊聊 JavaScript的缺陷. 我覺得這個真的吵個沒完 不過看到 TS vs JS 兩者在爭論我也是笑笑的啦 列舉一些 TS 的優缺點 pros 1. 去掉一些 JS 最最最初級的錯誤 2. 某部分從 OO 抄來的概念,可能相較容易學 cons 1
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  3. GraphQL language primitives for ReScript/ReasonML written in ReasonML reasonml-community: 29: 2 days ago: 1 year ago: 1612576127000: 1554390615000: zero-to-graphql-using-phoenix. An example implementation of a GraphQL Server using Phoenix Web Framework. conradwt: 4: 2 days ago: 2 years ago: 1612575615000: 1531255256000: graphql-clien
  4. 作者 jackypan1989 (傑奇) 看板 Soft_Job. 標題 Re: [討論] 請大家聊聊 JavaScript的缺陷. 時間 Tue Nov 3 14:16:51 2020. 我覺得這個真的吵個沒完 不過看到 TS vs JS 兩者在爭論我也是笑笑的啦 列舉一些 TS 的優缺點 pros 1. 去掉一些 JS 最最最初級的錯誤 2. 某部分從 OO 抄來的概念.
  5. Re:[討論]請大家聊聊JavaScript的缺陷@soft_job,共有39則留言,20人參與討論,18推 0噓 21→, 我覺得這個真的吵個沒完不過看到 TS vs JS 兩者在爭論我也是笑笑的啦列舉一些 TS 的優缺點pros1. 去掉一些 JS 最最最初級的錯誤2. 某部分從 OO 抄來的概念,可能相較容易學cons1
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