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Get answers to common queries about entering the UK at London Southend Airport. London Southend Airport. Flight information. At the airport. Getting to and from. Frequently asked questions I have lost my passport at the airport - who do I contact? For more information about immigration, visit the UK government website When entering the airport the immigration officials may ask where your spouse is and if you are still residing together, but as long as you are still in a relationship with your husband, travelling by yourself will not pose a problem. The Fiancee Visa. Question: I currently hold a UK Ancestral Visa and my fiancé holds a Tier 2 permit Vanakkam Friends, This video will help you students prepare for UK immigration interview and questions you can expect when you land in UK , Hope you find it. Hand luggage restrictions at UK airports, Registered Traveller: faster entry through the UK border, and Check if you need a UK visa Collection Coronavirus (COVID-19): immigration and border

US immigration airport interview questions When you enter the United States the first person you meet on arrival is an officer at the US border and immigration control. The officer inspects your passport and documents, checks that you're authorized to be in the US, and see if there is a reason which might prohibit you from doing so English in the airport: Here are 8 English questions you will need to be able to answer if you want your next international trip to go smoothly. When you go through immigration, the immigration officer will ask to see your passport and travel documents. if you need to get one beforehand to enter the country and any immigration forms you.

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48 HOUR VISAS. If you're passing through the UK border before onward travel you can apply for a 48 hour visa. This must be done prior to your arrival to the UK on the Government website, linked below. Your passport must allow entry into the UK and have a booking for onward travel. EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus. Immigration Officers will ask many questions,These Tips will help you In nearly every situation, What is your purpose of Travel? this is often the first ques.. Airport Immigration Questions. Dom Herrera, 10.12.19 Alternative Travel Tips. If like most people, you have nothing to hide, getting through customs can feel like a drawn-out process with an unnecessary barrage of questions Learn how to answer questions from immigration officers.Check out the next video about checking in at the airport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3k_dmxfCF.. Do you worry about what to tell the immigration officer every time you are at the airport waiting for your turn? Do you wanna know the 7 interesting question..

On arrival in the UK to take up employment or residence, your first task is to battle your way through immigration and customs which, fortunately for most people, presents no problems. British customs and immigration officials are usually polite and efficient Browse other questions tagged visas uk customs-and-immigration passports visas-on-arrival or ask your own question. Featured on Meta July 2021 Photo Competition: Ten-Year Anniversar Common Immigration Questions at US Airports. I have long been the go-to person for many of my friends and relatives wanting to know all about the questions immigration officers tend to ask at the port of entry of B1/B2 visa holders travelling to America. While I usually tell them that there is no regular pattern or format, I also warn them that.

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Just to let you know that I came back last week after 2 weeks holiday from India. I was held for about 1 hour at the home office counter at the airport. They asked my all sorts of questions like : 1. Did you ever had problems with immigration. 2. What visa are you on. 3. what visa were you on before this. 4 Questions asked by US immigration at airport. Three days ago, I landed at LAX- Los Angeles International Airport. It's nice to be back. Sometimes I call it home. Sometimes Vietnam is still home. I suppose my home changes depending on the context. But, for now, it's always Earth How to Answer Customs and Immigration Questions at the AirportFollow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/adadedavid/Check the following videosGerman La.. 1.Immigration Controls to check passports and visas according to the final destination 2.Security Controls where your luggage is scanned & you going through a metal detector screen At an airport there are always two control services to go through to leave the country and two control services to go through to get into the country -:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:-This post has been removed at the author's request. The author may post again if desired. Posts on the Tripadvisor forums may be edited for a short period of time

Immigration on arrival. If you travel to the UK by air, you will probably arrive at one of London's main international airports, Heathrow or Gatwick; or one of the big regional airports, such as Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh or Glasgow. Some airports are large and have several terminals, and you will need to follow signs to find your way out Being detained in the airport basement is the perfect way to ruin the beginning of any vacation. Remember in high school when you sweatily tried to ask out that girl in your chemistry class.

ENGLISH FOR TOURISM topic: CUSTOMS/IMMIGRATION - Questions and answers 1 Choose the correct QUESTION for the ANSWER that's given. What did the customs officer/immigration officer ask to get this answer 7031 Koll Center Pkwy, Pleasanton, CA 94566. master:2021-07-07_14-13-34. If you're coming to the United States as an immigrant or with a nonimmigrant visa (or from one of the countries that doesn't require you to have a visa), the first person you meet on arrival—whether you come by air, land, or sea—will be an officer of Customs and Border. Reasons for 2nd level inspection could include random checks and questions or issues with documentation. Customs Process: What to Expect. After clearing immigration and collecting your baggage, you will need to proceed through the customs area before being allowed to exit the airport We know you might have questions about immigration, so we've answered the most frequently asked questions below. I have lost my passport at Gatwick, who do I contact? All found documents are returned to the British Passport Office or your embassy. Any enquires about lost or stolen British passports can be made to the Passport Office: 0300 222 0000

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  1. Questioned by immigration officers. You will be asked questions by an immigration official about such things as: Your travel plans; how you will spend your time in the UK; how you will support yourself; the amount you currently have in your bank accounts. It is important to provide accurate answers to these questions in order to satisfy the.
  2. Frequently Asked Immigration Questions and Answers 1. If I get a Work based Visa, Can I Work for Your immigration questions answered - GOV.UK (like journalist and law enforcement) could result in follow-up questions. The 5 Most Common Airport Customs Questions Answer questions correctly; as it is in your current application. Hire an.
  3. Hi Everyone on Forum! My friend's son has got his Student visa for UK and he is now going to UK very soon. I want to know someone who go thru and studying in UK that on first entry on UK airport the Immigration Officer what possible questions ask the student or he check just on the passport the BHC visa stamp and then he stamps on the passport or he questions from the student
  4. Airport English: A Role-play for Getting Through Customs: After a few students have tried to get through your customs and immigration, then go over the conversation to the right. Write the questions on the board and ask the students what possible answers could be. With all of the questions and possible answers on the board, have a few more.
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Whether you are a visitor to the United States or a U.S. citizen arriving in the United States, you must complete one or more entry forms.You must complete the CBP Declaration Form 6059B. CBP Declaration Form 6059B provides us with basic information about who you are and what you are bringing into the United States, such as agricultural and wildlife products and whether or no The following are Frequently Asked Questions related to DHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) activities. For all other Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions, please visit https://faq.coronavirus.gov.. How are tax dollars assigned by Congress in response to the pandemic being spent Getting through immigration at Miami airport is not easy, with the officers questioning and detaining many passengers as they pass through the busy gateway into the USA. The new Customs and Immigration hall opened last month, with the promise of shorter lines and quicker processing times. However, the new system has increased wait times and.

Contact UK Visas and Immigration for help. You can contact UK Visas and Immigration from inside or outside the UK. Contact centre staff cannot give you advice about your personal circumstances. Next 10. Re: Questions asked when entering your own country. It might help if you understood the difference between the UK Border Agency, who control who can and who can't enter the UK lawfully, and HMRC who oversee what dutiable ( or otherwise ), legal and/or illegal goods pax are trying to bring into this country airports. Contact us for more information on this service. If you don't require this service, but still feel a little nervous about arriving at a UK airport, read our guide below to help you prepare. Immigration control. When you arrive at an airport in the UK you will first pass through immigration control Asking questions is one way to go about this inquiry. A genuine citizens with a genuine passport should be able to give the expeced answers. They don't necessarily expect coherent answers at 0030hrs, just typical ones. If that is enough to resolve the concerns, the immigration officer thanks the citizen and takes no further steps

Customs officers have the authority to ask your immigration status in order to determine whether you have the right to enter the country. If you are a U.S. citizen, you need only answer questions establishing your identity and citizenship, although refusing to answer routine questions about the nature and purpose of your travel could result in delay and/or further inspection Questions are being asked about why those without the correct paperwork are not just asked to return to the EU. The cases also highlight what appears to be an inconsistent approach at the border Detained at the Airport. If you are detained at a UK airport on arrival from the United States, our lawyers can help you. They can offer immediate advice and support for urgent issues like immigration detention. Speak to our lawyers now by calling +1 844 290 6312 Customs and Immigration. Please be aware that all passengers will be required to pass through Customs and Immigration. Border Force secures the border and promotes national prosperity by facilitating the legitimate movement of individuals and goods, whilst preventing those that would cause harm from entering the UK

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Upon arriving at the desk of an immigration agent in your destination airport, you'll likely be asked a variety of questions (in some cases you may not be asked anything at all, but that's increasingly rare). You may be asked whether your trip is for business or pleasure, how long you'll be in the country, what you do for a living, and. Brexit FAQs. How Brexit will affect the airport and travel. On 1 January 2021, the UK left the European Union. Passengers continue to be able to use Heathrow to travel from the UK to the EU, but there may be some extra steps you will need to take prior to travel. All information provided on this page is subject to advice from the UK Government

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Being in Consulting and having travelled to a lot of countries I have had some strange interactions with immigration officers - 1. CDG Paris- Landed on a very early morning flight and met an officer who was in a really good mood, as he looked at m.. Global Entry members who joined prior to July 12, 2011, may request a Global Entry card via their TTP account for a $15 fee. Login to your TTP account and click on the Manage Membership button. Next, click on the Request for Global Entry Card button. Finally, complete the application and pay the $15 fee Top 10 immigration officer interview questions and answers 1. Top 10 immigration officer interview questions and answers In this file, you can ref interview materials for immigration officer such as types of interview questions, immigration officer situational interview, immigration officer behavioral intervie Landing Questions Asked by Immigration Officer. Thread starter ahalf89; Start date Dec 6, 2016 Hello all, my husband is preparing to land next week. I see the questions asked during landing interview are general and related to Application. you can go out of the airport or go to your next flight Emma, our online virtual assistant, answers questions in English and Spanish, and guides you through our website.If Emma cannot answer your question, she may connect you to live chat with an agent. Automated Help—Our new speech-enabled phone system answers general questions 24 hours a day.Dial 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833) and ask your question in English or Spanish

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The CBP Officer at a land border port of entry will provide the required Customs Declaration Forms (CF-6059) and Arrival-Departure Record Forms (I-94) that will be completed upon your arrival. 4. Arriving At A U.S. Seaport. The immigration inspection process at a seaport port of entry is similar to the airport process 1. Re: Immigration and customs at Dulles International airport. Immigration/Customs wait times can be highly variable but you can check Average Wait Times here - for example the AWT between 8.00am and 9.00am and 9.00am and 10.00am on Wednesday 8 October were 15 minutes and 13 minutes respectively

The next step after immigration inspection is to retrieve your baggage, and the final step is Customs inspection during which your suitcases may be opened and checked. The following flow chart demonstrates the overall inspection process at a U.S. airport: Preparation; Ensure your travel documents are ready (passport, green card, AP, visa, etc. All passengers are also required to have a negative / 'not detected' result from a pre-departure COVID-19 RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival in Ireland. Passengers will be asked to present evidence of their negative/'not detected' result to Immigration Officers on arrival The port of entry is an officially designated area at US land borders, seaports and airports approved by US Customs and Border Protection which act as the immigration check counter. Upon your arrival in the U.S. you will have to pass through this counter. The immigration/customs officer will ask you certain questions, stamp your passport, and. Who are more likely to be questioned by Immigration Officers? When the officers deem necessary, travelers will be subject to the so-called Secondary Inspection, in which they will ask for more documents.. According to a memorandum entitled Guidelines on Departure Formalities for International-Bound Passengers, released by the Bureau of Immigration to their airport and seaport officers in 2012.

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Passengers arriving were asked by immigration officials to produce proof of a negative PCR test and show that they had completed a locator form, with details of where they are staying before being. sir,i come delhi to bangkok on oct.2015.then i fill immigration form address bangkok my friend sister.but anyone not recieve me on airport.so i go to pattaya and stay. i did not know that it change address information gave immigration office.please tell me my next vist which problem face to me We advise passengers to arrive to the airport 3 hours in advance and try to clear US Preclearance at least 2 hours in advance of your flight. Once you have cleared Dublin Airport security, the US Preclearance screens will direct you when to go to US Preclearance. Passengers should not present to US Preclearance before their flight opens. Please. The immigration officer has informed mw that if the SEVIS ID number has changed then I would have to change my visa. Does this mean that I will have to ask the University to issue me another I-20 document for that period of time, or I can keep the same I-20 document and enter the country later because my visa has not expired

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Entebbe International Airport-Practical Tourist & COVID-19 Rules-Regulations: We have a list of Frequently Asked Questions with Practical Information for Tourists, Safari Goers, Travelers about Entebbe International Airport (EBB), the Gateway to the Pearl of Africa - Uganda. Presently the Airport is experiencing ongoing upgrade renovations Heathrow Airport itself was extremely quiet, there were more people working there than there were passengers! It was a very efficient process at UK immigration during quarantine - I went straight to the security desk and they recorded my details. My COVID-19 test results that I'd taken just before flying out to the UK were checked too Mexico entry requirements for tourists and short term visitors Mexico Visitors Permit, FMM. Passport holders from countries on Mexico's no visa required list do not need to apply for a formal visa to visit Mexico. They may, instead, use a visitor's permit, known as a FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple).For countries that don't need a visa, a Mexico Visitor's Permit (FMM) will need to be. It puts the immigration control at risk, because if I'm dealing with a passenger on the desk, I have to spend 15 minutes asking them non-immigration questions, and once that's finished I have. Admission into the United States. Everyone arriving at a port of entry (airport, land, or sea) to the U.S. is inspected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers. CBP officers will conduct the immigration, customs, and agriculture components of the inspections process. If a traveler has health concerns, he or she will be referred to.

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  1. istration. P.O. Box 530262. Atlanta, GA 30353-0262. If you are paying my check or money order, please make your payment payable to: Transportation Security Ad
  2. Bad Bad Immigration at Bangalore International Airport. As I have told that I would discuss my observations in Bangalore Hindustan International Airport during my trip from Chennai to Dallas, I would like to brief them over here. On a sharp contrast on the scale of 1 to 10, comparing them against other airport services in Frankfurt, Dallas Love Field and Dallas Fort Worth, I could just rate.
  3. 6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Booking An International Trip. Experts break down the ethical and logistical considerations before you cut loose by traveling abroad. Before booking a trip abroad, do your research. With vaccinations on the rise in the U.S., people who've been cooped up for more than a year are ready to scratch that travel itch
  4. Although being a dual citizen isn't common - it's estimated only 1-2% of people worldwide are one - questions about how to travel as a dual citizen are. Having two passports from different nations can get confusing when your planning a trip because the rules vary - and most nations don't provide a lot of information about dual nationality other than:'when you're using your other passport, you.
  5. First aid scissors confiscated by Dubai airport security. I am travelling with a first aid kit in carry on bag like this: NZ to Australia: bag X-rayed, no issues at all Australia to Dubai: security opened the kit, checked the scissors and allowed them airport-security hand-luggage dubai. asked Oct 2 '19 at 22:00
  6. The were other questions, but I don't remember, also he asked me to read a question and write the answer which I did. Than we moved to the Yes and No questions, be very careful and honest with all your responses also if you don't hear the question don't be afraid to ask the officer to repeat

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  1. Question - I'd like to ask 2 questions pls And if your firm can help - 9Y. Find the answer to this and other Immigration Law questions on JustAnswer We use cookies to improve your experience
  2. s of holding once you arrive above London at the end of your transatlantic flight
  3. Arriving at the airport. When you arrive at an airport in the UK, you will need to pass through immigration control. There will usually be two queues: one for nationals from the UK/EU/EEA, and one for everyone else. When you get to the front of the queue, a border official will look at your passport and check your UK visa if you have one
  4. Hi All, In case anyone is not sure about what possible questions an immigration officer could ask your spouse on arrival at the airport. The following were some of the questions my wife was asked. 1 Which colour are your husbands eyes? :shock: 2 Do y.

From 1 January 2021, citizens of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland will need to apply for immigration permission to enter or remain in the UK. If you are a EU/EEA/Swiss national entering the UK from 1 January 2021 to study on a degree course, you will need to make a Student visa application You can call UK Visas and Immigration. Telephone: 0800 678 1767 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Calls are free of charge in the UK. Related content Entering the UK Passing through immigration at any airport can be a struggle. When you're jet lagged and a suspicious security agent is firing questions at you designed to find out if you're lying, you're bound.

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34 reviews. 48 helpful votes. 6. Re: Question about US immigration at airports. 28 Jun 2021, 21:44. Save. I would strongly advise against what you are thinking of doing. You may save some money, but you may also end up in a ton of trouble. Definitely not worth the risk As a general rule, the questions asked during the immigration interview pertain to the underlying immigrant (approved or pending) immigrant Visa petition. Common interview questions For example, in an employment-based adjustment of status interview, the immigration officer will likely ask questions about the current employment, past work. Common interview questions available in this article are NOT solely intended for the Schengen visa interview, hence they are usable for any type of visa interview of any world country. A Schengen Visa interview isn't only a meeting where you provide supporting documents for a visa application to a visa official of a respective country. Matter of [ book at least one COVID-19 test for after you arrive. provide your contact details by completing the online passenger locator form. provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test before you leave for. If you will be passing through Immigration, you need to do the following when you complete your passenger locator form: Select 'Stay in the UK' under the Your travel plans section; Reply 'No' to any questions about whether you are required to complete COVID-19 tests on arriva

The British public expect us to check that everyone entering the UK has the right to do so, and passengers may be asked questions to establish the basis on which they are seeking to enter the UK. Nationals of countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland need to seek immigration permission when coming to the UK. If your country is not listed at the link below, and you are coming to study a course that is less than 6 months long, you may be able to request immigration permission at the UK airport where you arrive.. Please make sure to read the full information about this to ensure you get. See if you can find the answer in our 'frequently asked questions' section. Terminal 3 reopening 15 July Initially all flights operated by Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines will re-locate from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3

One should simply let them know that they are afraid of returning to their country and want to claim asylum in the UK. When claiming asylum at the port of entry, individuals will usually be immediately asked questions about their claim, in the form of a screening interview Types of UK Transit Visas? There are two types of transit visas for the United Kingdom: A Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV) is valid for 24 hours and does not allow you to pass through the UK Border Control (i.e. you must remain 'airside').This transit visa allows you to pass through the transit channels and requires that you depart from the same airport on the same day

You are asked to explain the purposes of 28 passport pages worth of international trips, and how they were, in every case, paid for. In chronological order. And to explain what exactly you think you're doing in this country now. Expect many questions about your research and your entire academic history Immigration border control at Manchester Airport. Absolute chaos! Queue for nearly an hour to get back into our country whilst the queue for EU and non-EU citizens was less than 2 minutes. e-Gates seem sower that peopled gates, and about 20% of the e-Gates were not working. People behind us in the queue after 20 minutes were randomly selected.

Book by phone at (403 509-4799 or email us! Equipment -. Airport Shuttle Express.com features air-conditioned, 13 passenger Chevy Express window-vans, Cadillacs, Lincoln TownCars, SUVs, limousines and party buses and 24 passenger minibuses. . Our vans are adapted to carry your luggage inside the vehicle How is the process of immigration at airports being conducted right now (F-1 visa). though I'm guessing it hasn't changed much in terms of the questions asked - basic questions like, what are you studying, what university, when do you anticipate graduating, etc. (to the UK, having been there since her late teens) which is helpful. It's. United Kingdom* **With respect to all references to country or countries in this document, it should be noted that the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979, Pub. L. No. 96-8, Section 4(b)(1), provides that [w]henever the laws of the United States refer or relate to foreign countries, nations, states, governments, or similar entities. You'll then be asked to schedule an in-person interview at a Global Entry Enrollment Center, which can be found all over the country. With the lingering scheduling and backlog delays from the. When you fly internationally to the United States, you will typically clear customs and immigration after you arrive in the U.S. However, if you are flying non-stop to the U.S. from the following fifteen foreign airports, you will actually preclear customs and immigration before you board your flight to the U.S.: Calgary International Airport Edmonto

Frequently asked questions Northern Ireland. Q.1 Will an Irish visa allow me to travel to Northern Ireland?. No. If you wish to travel to Northern Ireland, you will require a UK visa. Northern Ireland consists of Counties Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Down, Fermanagh and Tyrone Border Management Unit at Dublin Airport. All passengers are required to pass through customs and immigration controls.Immigration and border controls at Dublin Airport are fully maintained by the Border Management Unit (BMU), which is under the directorship of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) of the Department of Justice and Equality Step 1: Scan your travel document. Step 2: Take your photo. Step 3: Verify your fingerprints (only for select foreign nationals and permanent residents) Step 4: Answer a few questions to complete your declaration. Step 5: Take your kiosk receipt to a border services officer. Up to 5 travellers with the same place of residence can use a kiosk. First aid scissors confiscated by Dubai airport security. I am travelling with a first aid kit in carry on bag like this: NZ to Australia: bag X-rayed, no issues at all Australia to Dubai: security opened the kit, checked the scissors and allowed them airport-security hand-luggage dubai. asked Oct 2 '19 at 22:00

Ransomware: Five questions you need to ask about your defences, before you get attacked. Cybersecurity is a board-level responsibility, and board members should be specifically asking about. Commonly asked questions during USA visitor visa interview. These sample questions and answers will help visitor visa applicants, especially parents, applying from India for B2 visa. Q: Why are you going to the US? A: I am going to visit my son/daughter and for tourism purposes. Q: Have you been to the U.S. before? A: Give the true answer Yes. That said, if you are transiting through the U.S. and miss your connecting flight, you should contact the airline and rebook your flight once you are released from custody. If CBP decides to 'remove' or deport you, they will make the flight arrangements and put you on the next flight back to your country, she says COVID-19 frequently asked questions. Below you will find the latest developments and any new travel guidelines relating to COVID-19 along with what Auckland Airport are doing to ensure your journey through the airport is as smooth as possible. We ask travellers for their patience and understanding and appreciate your contribution to managing.

J1 2015 - Frequently Asked Questions | SAYIT J1Do I need to return the Hong Kong immigration card to the複線ポイントレール④: SketchUpでプラレールFREEDOMFIGHTERS FOR AMERICA - THIS ORGANIZATIONEXPOSING

How to Check In at an Airport and Answer Security Questions in English. Learn the English phrases you need to check in at an airport in this video, including security questions and how to answer them. We made this video with our friend Rachel of Rachel's English. She has a terrific website and YouTube channel on American English pronunciation By air. Whether you are returning home or visiting, you will follow the same straightforward process to enter Canada. There are three simple steps to follow: Step 1. Pre-arrival: Complete a Declaration Card. You will receive a Declaration Card while you are on board the aircraft or other conveyance and must complete it before you arrive For questions within the U.S. about the immigration inspection, contact your nearest USCIS District Office or Sub Office or call the national USCIS toll-free information service at 1-800-375-5283. You may also contact U.S. Customs and Border Protection by calling the CBP Customer Service Center at 1-877-227-5511 or 703-526-4200 Answer a few questions to find out what immigration programs you can apply for and how to submit an online or paper application. How to send a complete immigration application Learn how to avoid common errors that can cause delays in processing your application to come to Canada