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  3. Balancing stiffness and weight savings in all the right places is a hallmark of all Santa Cruz carbon frames and the Hightower flies the flag yet higher. The advanced composite chassis tracks well across all trail surfaces, holds a line, and is reactive to rider directions while isolating pedal-influenced inputs

The Hightower is a 29-inch trail bike with impeccable trail manners, it feels well-balanced in the air, and it corners like a champ. Hightower | Santa Cruz Bicycles - 29er Mountain Bike This Santa Cruz website uses cookies for example to improve and analyze the website, for social media and to ensure that you see relevant ads This Santa Cruz website uses cookies for example to improve and analyze the website, for social media and to ensure that you see relevant ads. Stretching its legs to a full 150mm of VPP travel, the Hightower LT was born to the meet demands of our Enduro World Series race team and designed for maximum speed in big terrain The reversible chip at the shock mount is designed to maintain the frame's geometry when swapping between standard 29-inch tires and 27.5+ tires. The Low setting is designed for 29er use, and the High setting for 27.5+. While 27.5+ tires have a diameter that's similar to the 29er tire, it's not quite equal, so reversing the chip is a must. The Santa Cruz Hightower 29 seamlessly adapts to the trails you ride. The geometry remains optimized with an innovative High/Low flip chip setting on the upper link, allowing you to adjust the bottom bracket height. 135mm of VPP suspension travel is reinforced with 148x12 rear axle spacing, plus Nomad-style linkage arrangement and swingarm. The Santa Cruz Hightower also has a bonus disc to heighten the experience—the flip chip. In the High setting, the BB height is a little higher for those tricky tech trails and/or when Plus sized tires are required

Just when we all thought the Hightower couldn't get any better, well, it did. New specs for 2021 include Fox suspension, race-ready aesthetics, updated geometry, and the much anticipated lower-link VPP suspension platform. Santa Cruz Reserve wheels put world-class performance within reach for more riders, and will definitely live up to the hype This Santa Cruz website uses cookies for example to improve and analyze the website, for social media and to ensure that you see relevant ads. To learn more about cookies, click on Cookie Policy. When you click on accept, you authorize Santa Cruz to use the cookies as set for our website. Hightower has the versatility to deal with whatever.

The Santa Cruz Hightower is a versatile trail bike. Testers describe the bike as 'bottomless' on descents, with 140mm of travel in the rear. The bike is capable of tackling chunky and steep terrain. The pedaling platform is efficient for climbing. Riders rarely had to use the firm setting on the shock Intro. The redesigned Santa Cruz Hightower is intended to sit in what SC calls the Goldilocks zone of mountain bikes. With 140 mm of rear travel, 29 wheels, and modern geometry, it's supposed to be good at a lot of mountain-bikey things, with minimal compromises on the up or down Santa Cruz ships the Hightower in the low setting which has a 65.2-degree head tube angle, a 76.3-degree seat tube angle, and a 340mm bottom bracket height. Testers found this setting to feel great when mobbing downhill on more gravity-oriented trails where pedaling efficiency was less of a concern Santa Cruz has been a staple in the mountain bike world for years, and as a larger company, they have the freedom and capability to diversify their biking lineup. The Hightower is a great example of that. Smack right in between the Megatower (downhiller) and the Tallboy (short traveler), it is a super versatile Goldilocks of a bike Santa Cruz Bicycles is dedicated to making the world's best mountain bikes. From the World Championship-winning V10 to the beloved Tallboy, we make bikes for people who live to ride. Bike Archive: Hightower | Santa Cruz Bicycle

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Santa Cruz Hightower C XT 2021 for sale at The Colorado Cyclist. Premier bikes, bicycle wheels, components, cycling clothing, gear & accessories. Orders $100+ ship free 2021 Santa Cruz Hightower R Aluminum Bike. More... Free shipping on orders of $49 or more (U.S. only). Free international shipping available with minimum order values. Some exclusions apply. No match. Browse other Mountain Bikes. Free standard shipping on orders of $50 or more (U.S. only) Santa Cruz Hightower review. Latest deals. Our review. The Hightower is a willing accomplice for long days on rugged trails Buy if, You need a partner for long days on rugged trails Posted: Mar 7, 2021 at 5:01 Quote: I have 2021 Evil offering and a 2019 Santa Cruz hightower LT, what I have noticed over the past few weeks is The offering is much better at keeping the back tire.

Santa Cruz Bronson (v3) vs. new Santa Cruz Hightower (v2) Jump to Latest Follow REVIEWS DEALS BIKESHOPS TRAILS. 1 - 19 of 19 Posts. R. reeemod · Registered. Joined Jun 16, 2019 · 6 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 4, 2019. What do you guys think.. The Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon R 29 is a mid-travel trail bike that can operate comfortably on a wide range of terrain. This mango monster can effectively tackle steep and technical trails that are above its 135mm, mid-travel, pay-grade while also styling down flow trails Santa Cruz Hightower CC X01 Reserve frame. Santa Cruz is offering the Hightower in everything from its top-tier 'CC' carbon to more affordable aluminium, with five sizes to choose from The Santa Cruz Hightower is Santa Cruz's go-fast mid-travel 29er mountain bike. While the first-generation bike received a ton of awards for how balanced the bike felt, many thought it could use a bit more oomph. Santa Cruz responded with the Hightower LT, bumping up suspension travel and capability. Years of feedback from consumers and EWS. The Santa Cruz Hightower is a 29″ trail bike with a mix of all the best elements Santa Cruz mountain bikes have to offer. It fits snugly between Santa Cruz's other popular mountain bikes, the Megatower and the Tallboy, offering more maneuverability than the Megatower and more stability on rough terrain than the Tallboy

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The Hightower entered the lineup in a spot previously occupied by the Blur LT. And recently, Santa Cruz upped the ante with an even longer-travel Hightower LT that has 150 mm rear travel. But the Hightower remains as Santa Cruz's mid-travel 29er, and it can also be configured with 27.5+ tires Santa Cruz Hightower C S 29. Santa Cruz sent us the new Hightower in its C version, the heavier of the two frame options. The bike is the heaviest of the comparative and it's quite pricey given its specs. It climbs well, but it's in the downhills that the testers could find the real strengths of this bike, especially on the fast and. Nomad 5.0 2022: Configure your Bike | Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy 4.0 2022: Configure your Bike | Santa Cruz Bicycles Hightower 2.0 2022: Configure your Bike | Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 4.0 2022: Configure your Bike | Santa Cruz Bicycles Jackal 2022: Configure your Bike | Santa Cruz Bicycles Chameleon 2022: Configure your Bike | Santa Cruz Bicycle

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It's not that the hightower is old or out of date or anything, it's just not as new and if you follow development trends will likely receive a platform update/tweak for 2022 given it's one of Santa Cruz' top sellers and in one of the most competitive categories. 3. level 2. jibbjibb1 The weigted average price for a used Santa cruz hightower is $3,586. The weighted average price reduces all the prices down to one single price. For each month we recalculate the weighted average price for the products found with query 'Santa cruz hightower' between price range 50 - 10000. The search volume is 6400 p/m Descending - Santa Cruz Hightower The Santa Cruz is a more capable descender overall and will ride a wider variety of terrain without getting you in over your head. The Yeti feels a little snappier and better in the corners, though The 2017 Santa Cruz Hightower accepts either 29 or 27.5+ wheels. Reversible chip at the shock mount is designed to maintain the frame's geometry when swapping between standard 29-inch tires and 27.5+ tires. The Low setting is designed for 29er use, and the High setting for 27.5+. Price. $4,599

2020 Santa Cruz Hightower: First Look. 2020 Hightower CC X01 Reserve in Highland Blue and Desert. The 2020 Santa Cruz Hightower is here, although we think they should have called it the Growingtower. It grew in geometry and travel, but it's still a great do-it-all bike that puts an emphasis on riding bikes, up and down mountains Aesthetically, I prefer the Santa Cruz. Hard to beat Ibis for quality and customer service. Just like a raindrop, I was born to fall. Save Share. Reply. R. No, the Hightower 2 is more equivalent to the Bronson than the Megatower...now please pay attention. Save Share. Reply Santa Cruz Hightower 2 C R 2021. 0 Review(s) Quick Overview. This item is only available for In-store pickup at Skirack - 85 Main Street, Burlington, VT and cannot be shipped. Please use our address 85 Main Street, Burlington, VT for the shipping address PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Rockshox MegNeg install how-to and review. I'm running it on a 2020 Santa Cruz Hightower V2 with the Rockshox Super Deluxe rear shock. The..

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The Hightower LT can fit up to a 2.4 tire in the rear, and I've been running a 2.4 inch Maxxis Minion DHR II with no problems. There's room for a water bottle in the front triangle, and Santa Cruz offers a lifetime warranty on all frames for the original owner, including bearings, and discounted replacement frame parts in the case of incidents not covered under warranty The Santa Cruz Hightower is a big bike for big rides. It has 135mm of rear travel and a 67 degree head angle ready to tackle challenging terrain and long days in the saddle. It is a bike that can handle an Enduro race, a bike park or a quick fast spin on the local terrain. It is long, low and slack but also an efficient pedaler with a 74.3 seat. Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon R Highland Blue. Our greatest hits compiled into one bike—just hit play. If ever a bike resembled your most cherished mix tape compilation, the Hightower is it. Featuring our lower-link mounted shock design, updated, adjustable geometry, this Engineering Best Of assembles some of our biggest design.

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  1. View More: Mountain Bikes Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes Santa Cruz Hightower 2021 Santa Cruz Hightower 2020 Devinci Troy Carbon 29 GX Bike Price: $5199.0
  2. Joined Oct 14, 2011. ·. 3,215 Posts. #2 · Oct 10, 2016. I've ridden both (as 29'ers) and my wife owns a HT. Initially I loved the switchblade. The back end is short, it's agile and easy to throw around. Climbing was good but was more squatted then what I was used to on my SB95c
  3. The original Santa Cruz Hightower converted a lot of riders to 29ers, does the new version have the same significance, or will it languish in the shadow of the Megatower? Verdict The new Hightower is alert, rewarding, inspiring and refined - all the things that you'd hope for at this price - and it's almost impossible to find a chink in its.
  4. The Santa Cruz Hightower is an aggressively capable trail bike, designed to excel at everything you want to do on the trails: climb efficiently, soak up chatter and bumps, and descend with enthusiasm. This is a do-it-all bike for any rider: take on long days on singletrack or do laps on technical climbs and descents with your friends

The Santa Cruz website describes the Hightower as a bike built for straight-line speed, rallying rock gardens and sprinting out of turns, and we couldn't agree more. We loved how the Hightower made easy work of rough, high-speed descents, and found its ride characteristics to be much more planted and stable than agile or playful Ibis Ripmo, Santa Cruz Hightower or Yeti SB130? You might be asking yourself this question. The rear suspension of the Yeti is even plusher and more capable than that of the Ripmo but it feels less lively and requires a significantly more active riding style on the descents to sufficiently weight both wheels The Takeaway: The second-generation Santa Cruz Hightower is all new: new suspension, new geometry, and new build kits.And there's a Juliana version of this versatile 29er trail bike . 29er trail. Check out our current Santa Cruz collection.. The Original Hightower. The Santa Cruz Hightower emerged in 2016 to plenty of hype. The talk online was that the much-loved Tallboy LT was finally being reincarnated, but as a longer, lower, and slacker machine, and thus so shred ready that it needed a completely new name

2021 Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon S-Kit Pre-order incoming stock. $ 7,699.99. The Hightower has been a does-it-all-well trail bike since its inception. More maneuverable than its longer-travel sibling, the Megatower, and more at home in the steep-and-chunky than its snappy cousin Tallboy, Hightower excels when the route covers 'all points in. Does Santa Cruz's latest Greatest hits compilation create the ultimate singletrack shredding soundtrack? I hit the sweet trails of Ilkley Moor on the brand.. Stroke - 52.5mm. Compatibility - The Hightower fits most shocks on the market, with some exceptions. Fox Float X2, Cane Creek DB Air, and all coil shocks are not compatible. We recommend the Rockshox Super Deluxe, Deluxe, Fox DPX2, Fox Float DPS. Tallboy 4 - From SC's Website: Eye-to-Eye - 190mm. Stroke - 45mm Photo Credit: Santa Cruz I rode the Hightower CC X01 with Reserve carbon wheels, which goes for $8,300. There's also a $4,300 carbon model with a Yari fork, Fox DPS rear shock and NX Eagle drivetrain, but the $4,200 aluminum version goes back up to the Lyric Select+, Super Deluxe Select+ and GX drivetrain that the platform deserves I ended up on a Santa Cruz Hightower, set up as a 29er although it's also offered with 27.5+ wheels and tires as an option. At first blush the bike looked absolutely huge. It is, after all, a long, slack 29er with 135mm rear and 140mm front travel. Once I was on the bike, the fit was great. For reference, I'm 6 feet tall with long-ish arms

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Santa Cruz says the Hightower LT is 29er-only, despite Boost spacing at both ends. The frame has ISCG-05 tabs and is not front-derailleur compatible. The links and the rear triangle, which gets a 180 post-mount brake, are new and designed specifically for the Hightower LT. Testing with the brand's EWS riders started out with custom links, but. Santa Cruz designed the Hightower LT with a threaded bottom bracket and internal cable routing with rubber grommets to keep out grit and moisture. On the lowest part of the downtube is a rubber guard to protect against rock strikes and trail debris that could compromise the carbon

Santa Cruz's lineup has been cultivating its own set of sibling rivalries for generations now, which has made for some distress lately as one sibling, the Hightower, has largely stolen the spotlight that the Tallboy once enjoyed. However, we had it on good authority that it was a mistake to ignore the latest Tallboy, so naturally, we put both. Featuring Santa Cruz's lower-link mounted shock design, and updated, adjustable geometry, this Engineering Best Of... assembles some of Santa Cruz's biggest hits into one belter of a road-trip companion.The Hightower has been a does-it-all-well trail bike since its inception. More maneuverable than its longer-trave click SHOW MORE below! Please consider supporting MTByumyum by purchasing your 2020 Santa Cruz Hightower locally from GoRide or online via the links I've.

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Today is a Exciting day! Today I picked up my Custom 2021 Santa Cruz Hightower after ordering all the parts and waiting 3 months to receive them The Hightower LT link improves descending performance noticeably with an air shock as well, so for a lot of riders the air shock is the way to go. In fact, the air shock is our choice with this link for our local trails. Specifications: Fits V2 Hightower frames (2019-current) Travel: 150mm (with stock 210x52.5mm shock) Travel: 160mm (with stock. Santa Cruz Hightower. Hightower X01 Carbon CC $150/day. Reserve a demo bike now! The Hightower has been a does-it-all-well trail bike since its inception. More maneuverable than its longer-travel sibling, the Megatower, and more at home in the steep-and-chunky than its snappy cousin Tallboy, Hightower excels when the route covers 'all points.

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Outsider Bikes has come up with a crafty new upper suspension link that allows the 135mm-travel Santa Cruz Hightower to be converted into a 150mm machine. The bike retains shreddable geometry and must run a newer Metric shock. Coupled with a 150 or 160mm fork, the new link and shock move the Hightower into a bigger bike category like the Hightower LT without having to upgrade an entire frame Shop a large selection of Santa Cruz mountain bikes at JensonUSA.com. Learn more about popular bike models like the Bronson, Hightower, 5150, or Highball. Huge selection, fast delivery, easy returns, and expert staff. Keep Pedaling Bolted to: Santa Cruz Hightower. Rider: 5'9 155 lbs. Test Location: Montana & British Columbia. Test Duration: ~3 months. Intro. Fox introduced the Float DPX2 rear shock last year to fill the niche between the more Downhill-oriented Float X2 shock, and the more Trail-oriented DPS shock. This was a spot previously filled by the Float X, but.

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Introducing the 2020 Santa Cruz Hightower. In the early days of the wagon wheeler many thought 29 inch wheels were only suitable for short travel applications. This was the era of the Santa Cruz Tallboy, the best selling model in the line at the time by a large margin. As designers explored the limits and sorted out issues, travel stretched to. This Hightower CC X01 build is for those who prioritize performance and have the chops to put their rig through its paces. It features a RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork, complemented by a Super Deluxe Select Ultimate shock and your choice of rims: either Santa Cruz's own Reserve 30 Carbon or Race Face's ARC Offset 30 The Specialized Stumpjumper and Santa Cruz Hightower are high-performance quiver killers. They are downhill-slaying, uphill-crushing, all-around good-time-ha.. Santa Cruz sees this as a bike with broad appeal, as seen by the inclusion of an alloy frame D-kit build starting at $2899, going up to the lux Hightower XX1 AXS Reserve bike at $10499. That pervasive attitude is also reflected in how the bike feels on the trail. I rode the Hightower's sibling, the Juliana Maverick (ride review HERE ), and.

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