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North Korea Trivia: 50 insane facts about the oppressed Eastern Asian country November 10, 2017 By Anastasia Chronopoulou Leave a Comment North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a country in East Asia constituting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula 50 Fascinating Facts about North Korea North Korea is a country in East Asia. It is the 97th largest country in the world, and has land borders with China, the Russian Federation and South Korea. It has an estimated population of nearly 25.4 million, governed from its capital and largest city, Pyongyang

This video is about 50 crazy facts about North Korea!North Korea. It's a dictatorship of the most extreme kind, a cult of personality, a country as closed of.. The Korean Demilitarized Zone marks the boundary between North Korea and South Korea. Below are 50 important facts about North Korea, its uniqueness, history, economy, education, government, leaders, and strategies. 50 Important facts about North Korea. 1. Interestingly, you can smoke Marijuana legally in North Korea. It is not even classified. 50 facts about North Korea. 1. North Korea has laws of limitation to even watching televisions and talking to peoples. 2. In North Korea, You can't use the internet without the permission of government officials. You should get approval from government officials to use the internet. 3 North Korea has just 1,024 IP addresses, while countries like the U.S. have 1,541,605,760. 29. There is a 'three generations of punishment policy' in North Korea. The offender, along with his next two generations, has to bear the consequences of the offense

Via: Wikipedia North Korea may only rank 48th in the world in terms of population (there are an estimated 25,155,000 people there), but it has the largest stadium on earth in terms of capacity. Construction of the Rungrado May Day Stadium was completed in mid 1989, and it has held its title ever since North Korea has one of the lowest average incomes in the world at as little as $1,000 per year. South Koreans have an average yearly income of about $32,000. 19 of 47. About one in fourth North Koreans is unemployed. For more North Korea facts, view the CIA factbook

The North Korean or Juche calendar was adopted in 1997 and begins with the year of Kim Il-sung's date of birth (1912 - or Juche I to North Koreans.) 2: The Country Holds Elections Every 5 Years Always with a lot of excitement, North Korea hands out ballots with only one option on them, so votes swing, you guessed it, 100% for the Leader 50 Insane Facts About North Korea You Didn't Know. The Infographics Show posted an episode of a series. March 7 · These 50 insane facts about North Korea are something you need to see to believe North Korea is slightly smaller than Mississippi. It constitutes almost 55% of the Korean Peninsula, covering 46,540 square miles (120,538 km.) of the peninsula's 85,052 square miles (220,283 square km.). Founded in 1948, the official name of North Korea is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) 10 Horrifying Accounts Of North Korea's Prison Camps. by Sam Dunsmore. fact checked by Jamie Frater. Any North Korean who commits a crime or questions his leaders or government is sent to a prison camp. The inmates are forced to do hard labor. They are also starved and beaten for the slightest offenses. An Auschwitz survivor declared that. While it's not the most powerful military force in the world, experts say that the North Korean army is definitely the largest with more than 1.2 million soldiers. 6. Kim Il-sung bought 1,000 Volvo cars from Sweden but never paid for them. So, as a Swede, this is definitely one of the most random facts about North Korea

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Only 19.5% of North Korea's land is arable, which amounts to about 9,000 square miles. New Hampshire's land area is 8,953 square miles. North Korea says it has a 100% literacy rate. The CIA World.. CIA data shows an impressive view of North Korea'S army, which is considered one of the most powerful ones in the world. With a 25 million-person population, North Korea ranks as 51st out of the world's nations. North Korea has approximately 1,190,000 active-duty troops. North Korea's military employs about 4.7% of the total population Life in North Korea is not fun for its citizens, and much of that comes down to the creative ways the regime finds to oppress them. Even other tyrants don't manage to crush their populations with so much originality. Thankfully, for some comic relief, their isolation also means North Korea has to come up with their own versions — usually slightly ridiculous ones — of the things the rest of. It's been a little over five year since Kim Jong-un came into power in North Korea. Here are some interesting facts about the world's most secretive leader. 1. His real age is a mystery He is thought to be the world's youngest ruler, but no one. The Sony film, The Interview, parodied North Korean leader President Kim Jong-un, and its formal release has been put on hold over threats by the hackers and fear of reprisals. These 15 crazy facts about North Korea are an opportunity to shine light on a dark place and its horrifying human rights record

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  1. Despite several news pieces and innumerable mention, north Korea remains a mystery to the rest of the world. Predicting the actions of North Korea might be very difficult but in the meantime, take a look at these 10 facts about North Korea you need to know
  2. The North Korean calendar Juche is based on its Kim II-sung's date of birth - April 15, 1912. North Korea cuts power every night due to the energy crisis in the country. Using electricity needs permission and owning a microwave is illegal
  3. Top 10 Interesting Facts About North Korea You May Not Know. Australia has kangaroos and hot weather. England has Big Ben and cups of tea. Italy has pizza and espresso. Some countries are simply known for having certain characteristic things about them. North Korea, on the other hand, has been a country shrouded in secrecy for many years, but.
  4. 20 facts about North Korea. 1. The founder of North Korea, first president Kim Il Sung, created the country's policy of juche or self-reliance, which has essentially cut off North Korea.

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  1. North Korea's main trading partner is its neighbor China, mostly fish and other seafood. Globally, North Korea is among the top 20 countries exporting fishery products. Interestingly, North Korea also experts monuments. 13. North Korea Is Run By A Dead Man. North Korea is unique in many things, but what makes this country really special is.
  2. North Korea's ruling dynasty has always cast itself as somewhat supernatural. Founder Kim Il Sung was known as Korea's sun, and claimed control of the weather. Along with his son Kim Jong Il's..
  3. Subject: Re: 14 Interesting Facts about North Korea Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:08 pm Dear Leader wrote: Kim Jong Il - Official biographers say that the 67-year-old was born in a military camp on Baekdu Mountain, his birth foretold by a swallow and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow over the mountain and a new star in the heavens
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  1. North Korea is obsessed with Choco Pies from South Korea. There's a black market for them, and factories once used them to pay worker bonuses. In 2010, The Chosun Ilbo reported that choco pies could fetch as much as US$9.50 on the North Korean black market. In 2014, S Korean activists sent 10K pies to NK with helium balloons
  2. 22 Weird and Fun Facts about South Korea. 1. Koreans Are Shopping Addicts. If you are ever in South Korea and have the hankering to shop 'til you drop, not to worry, one of the citizens' favorite past times is spending money. In fact, it's not a nightlife that stays open until the wee hours
  3. South Korea harvests more than 90% of the world's seaweed consumption. [23] South Koreans are the world's biggest users of credit cards since 2011, making 129.7 transactions per person that year, compared with 77.9 transactions per American. [3] Hallyu (Korean Wave) is the word for the South Korean wave of popular culture. President Obama even referred to it during a March 2012 visit to.

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  2. 50 fascinating facts: Kim Jong-il and North Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has died following a stroke or heart attack. Here are 50 facts about the late dictator and his country
  3. Kim Jong Il, the father of Kim Jong Un, reportedly spent £700,000 on Hennessy each year. That's about $913,000 at today's exchange rate; Kim Jong Il died in 2011. The average annual income in.
  4. 3 years ago. Mixed feeling when looking these images. It's probably good to show the reality of life in North Korea but can't help thinking what consequences this kind of photos could cause 1st to people shown in the photos (and doing silly things under the portraits of belowed leaders ) and then to those guides whose task have been preventing of taking these photos
  5. 50 Fascinating Facts about South Korea. South Korea is a country that is located in East Asia. The official name for the country is the Republic of Korea. A population of over 51 million makes this the 27th largest country in the world based on population. The country has a total area of 38,690 square miles

Hear the words 'crazy dictatorship' and most of us picture one country: North Korea. Under Kim Jong Un, the Communist throwback has scaled new heights of insanity that are somewhere between hilarious and terrifying. On the hilarious side, there's stuff like Kim ordering every government vehicle, no matter how small, to be fitted with a toilet in case he needs a poop while driving A single bottle of Hennessy can retail for $630 in North Korea — that isn't much less than the average North Korean's annual income, which is estimated to be between $1,000 and $2,000. Leader.

Kim Jong-un: 33 bizarre facts about North Korea's supreme leader We look at strange - but possibly true - facts about one of the world's most secretive heads of state and his country There's also an organization that parachutes Bibles on the territory of North Korea. Despite being illegal, there are about 100K Christians there. But possessing of Bible is a big crime in North Korea. So if you're caught, you're gonna be executed. In 2013 80 people were executed in public for owning Bibles and watching South Korean movies Even though it sounds crazy, if there is a crime committed, three generations have to pay for it. 3. They only allow 15 haircuts. If you were a hairdresser in North Korea, your job would be pretty.

Jul 11, 2017 - North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has died following a stroke or heart attack. Here are 50 facts about the late dictator and his country Check out a round-up of the ten least known fun facts about North Korea's new unelected leader: 1. Date of Birth is a Mystery - Kim Jong-un may have been born either in 1983 or 1984. The exact. 1.Any north korean isn't allowed to leave that country. * According to the North korean government, any north korean isn't allowed to leave that country. * Despite this law strict law, many north koreans have defected to foreign countries such as. France has conducted 210 nuclear weapon tests, more than the United Kingdom, China, India, and North Korea combined! This is scarcely a fifth of the amount conducted by the United States, however, which have conducted roughly 1,054 tests. Iran carries out more gender-change operations than any other country in the world

The North Korean state excludes its resources from capitalist exploitation, so its leader is a madman.. The media likes to say that North Korea is a hermit kingdom out of the stone age. 2. Kim Jong Il (1941 - 2011) Kim Il Sung's son, and the dick we all got to know well in the last decade. It's said in North Korea that he was born on a sacred Korean mountain top (he was actually born in the Soviet Union) and that his birth caused winter to change to spring (it stayed winter) North Korea Trivia: 50 insane facts about the oppressed Eastern Asian country. November 10, 2017 By Anastasia Chronopoulou Leave a Comment. North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a country in East Asia constituting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang is the nation's capital and largest city 50+ Fascinating Language Facts to Inspire You. The languages spoken in North Korea and South Korea are different. They have distinct vocabularies and grammatical rules due to being separated for so long. The English language contains the most words, with over 250,000

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6 Reasons North Korea is the Funniest Evil Dictatorship Ever. By: Lola C. March 22, 2009. Advertisement. Some country has to be worst one on Earth, and based on the conversation they heard you having in your hotel room last night, North Korea is really worried that you might think it's them. Unfortunately for North Korea (and fortunately for us. 2021-06-05 20:50:05 20 days ago ; Views 4,646; By: Lifestyle N Vlogs; A + A-53. Shared Share with; Share with; crazy Facts about North korea | Lifestyle n vlogs crazy Facts about North korea | Lifestyle n vlogs crazy Facts about North korea | Lifestyle n vlogs crazy Facts about North korea | Lifestyle n vlogs crazy Facts about North korea. It is, by all accounts, a modern-day concentration camp, a secret prison hidden in the mountains, 50 miles from North Korea's capital, Pyongyang. It's called Camp 14, and according to human right.

North Korea is a different story. It has a large female population and North Korean women are as beautiful and charming as their South counterparts. However, they have very limited access to the internet, which means finding a North Korean bride is not easy. You can, however, find a North Korean woman living abroad, but she will be much more. However, North Korea has made its own dark coloured soda. That's only 1mm bigger than Singapore's 50 cent coin! Uncover more crazy facts about the world. These interesting facts about the world make us realise how much more there is to learn and explore North Korea's nuclear weapons program and horrific human rights record have made the country a global pariah, with international sanctions further isolating the nation's centralized, socialist economy. Pyongyang's economic policies have been a disaster, further exacerbating North Korea's poverty. Seen from space, Pyongyang disappears into the dark -- a stark illustration of the nation's. 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About North Korea's Head Of State - Kim Jong-Un. Kim Jong-Un is the dictator of North Korea and these are some facts about him. 1. It Is The Year 104 In Kim Jong Un's North Korea. North Korea follow the Juche Calender, introduced in 1997 - begins each year on Kim Il-sung's birth date, April 15 5. The North and South Korea Are Still at War. Although we often hear news about the possible threats from North Korea, most South Koreans don't think much of it. While living here in South Korea, it almost feels like it's a completely safe situation. The two Koreas may not be battling it out on a day-to-day basis, but they still haven't.

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There are 50 crazy facts about the Cold War in the video below. (Number 19 is about how the U.S. paid million for a cat that could spy on the Soviets. On the eastern coast of North Korea sits Kim Jong-un's mansion — filled to the brim with amenities fit for a 33-year-old dictator Famously mysterious North Korea is full of surprises, not the least of which is its cultural fondness for the accordion. The musical squeezebox is known as the people's instrument because its convenient size makes it ideal to take on marches. For years, the accordion has been taught in North Korean schools

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There's no doubt about it: There are some crazy, bizarre state laws that exist in the United States. Sure, they may have made sense when they were written, but today these truly weird state facts. An Insane Policy Towards North Korea by Ron Forthofer This year we commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the unjustifiable US use of nuclear weapons against civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Facts That Prove Japan Is Unlike Any Other Country --> and then you find lots of similarities with, for example, S. Korea. I get the sensationalist titles, but I'd appreciate the more realistic ones, like, interesting facts about Japan, or something like this 8 crazy facts about Alia bhatt which you never know. by Savio A. January 8, 2021. May 29, 2021. Alia Bhatt is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood as well as an Indian actress. She is a big celebrity in India. Alia Bhatt comes a long way. Read More » The Democratic People's Public of Korea sure can be an interesting place. From fake towns, to unicorn lairs, to their own version of Godzilla, North Korea is the source of lots of strange trivia. WatchMojo counts down 10 insane facts about North Korea

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North America is only the third largest continent in the world, yet it has so much to offer. We therefore thought we have to share our most incredible random facts about that continent so we collected 186 unbelievable facts about North America you should not miss. Leave us a message and let us know how many of these amazing facts you already know and if you want even more trivia like this you. Facts 10 Insane Facts About PETA. Mike Devlin May 30, 2013. Facts 10 Fascinating Facts About Soda. Mike Devlin May 9, 2013. Facts 10 Curious Facts About The British Monarchy. Royal Central May 8, 201

Here's what it REALLY means: Population of China is more than 4 times bigger than population of the US. One in every 5 human is Chinese. Chinese is the most popular language in the world (based on number of native speakers) 14% of people in the world speak Chinese. 4. One of the biggest countries in the world Ohio has an area of 116,103 sq miles. It ranks 34th in state size. Columbus is the state capital and Ohio's largest city. 50% of the United States population lives within a 500 mile radius of Columbus. Dresden is the home of the world's largest basket One-third of the United States population would support a preemptive attack on North Korea, even in a nuclear scenario, knowing it would kill one million innocent people, according to a recent survey Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak-song and Kim Sang Duk, also known as Tony Kim, were freed while Pompeo was visiting North Korea to discuss Trump's upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

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The largest football stadium is located in North Korea. The Rungrado 1st of May Stadium in Pyongyang is the biggest stadium in the world with a capacity of up to 150,000 people. Some sources claim that the stadium only has a capacity of 114,000, which would still rank as the #1 largest stadium A New Look at the Korea-U.S. Alliance. April 27, 2021. It will take at least 100 years for South Korea to recover from the war. U.S. General Douglas MacArthur, the supreme commander of the Allied forces, once said after the Korean War was over. Even one of the representatives dispatched to the UNKRA - United Nations Korean Reconstruction. Free Shipping on eBa

9. North Korea is the only country to have been caught cheating twice at the International Mathematical Olympiad. Source & More. 10. In 2011, a drunk North Korean man passed out on a wooden board to find himself in South Korea the next day as a flood washed him and the board to an island controlled by South Korea Essential Facts. Interesting Facts. 01 Kim Jong-un is the Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011. 02 Kim Jong-un's height is approximately five feet, two inches up to five feet, five inches tall. 03 Kim Jong-un wears special shoes to make himself look taller. 04 Ko Yong-hui is Kim Jong-un's mother After Lafforgue came back from his 6th trip to North Korea in 2012, however, the government discovered him sharing secretly taken North Korea photos online. They demanded him to take down the images. I refused as I show all the aspects of the Hermit Kingdom: the good and the bad. Just like I do with any country I visit The conflict permanently altered North Korea, which became an isolated, dystopian twilight zone governed by batty dictators. Current autocrat Kim Jong-un is so paranoid that he travels with a portable toilet so no one can analyze his poop. His father/predecessor, Kim Jong-il, claimed he didn't poop at all and bragged about impossible accomplishments 1. Women in the NK military have no human rights. They are not supplied with basic essentials, such as tampons. They are also frequently sexually assaulted and raped by their superior officers. 2. NK military have conducted mass atrocities against..

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North Korea spends about $2000 a year per member of its military. The $2.3 billion defense budget is actually not that high considering that it is used to maintain 1.17 million member military. Hazel Smith, an expert on North Korea's food security at the School of Oriental and African studies in London, laid it out for me: North Korea of 2017 is not the North Korea of the mid-1990s. 50+ Fascinating Language Facts to Inspire You. The languages spoken in North Korea and South Korea are different. They have distinct vocabularies and grammatical rules due to being separated for so long. The English language contains the most words, with over 250,000 Washington: North Korean defector Yeonmi Park who graduated from the Columbia University of the Ivy League called the future of the United States 'bleak', saying 'even North Korea is not this nuts'.North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy, she said. Park is the author of 'In Order to Live'. The 27-year-old transferred to Columbia from a South Korean university in 2016, but her. Here are 50 Facts About Cruel Dictators. We haven't included Adolf Hitler in the list because we have an entire list dedicated to him separately. 1-5 Facts About Cruel Dictators 1. The Dominican Republic, led by dictator Rafael Trujillo, offered to accept between 50,000 and 100,000 Jewish refugees in 1938. Only 645 made it an

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Despite a similar geographical size, South Korea's population (over 51 million) is almost twice as large as North Korea's (more than 25 million). Due to their poor diet, North Koreans tend to be. North Korea is an atheist state that restricts public religion. Participating in unsanctioned religious activities such as publicly praying or toting around a Bible is a sure-fire way to get arrested, detained, or expelled from the state. No cars in Kaesong in the south of North Korea. Like going 50 years back in tim Ten interesting facts about Kyrgyzstan. 1. Kyrgyzstan's walnut forests are among the world's largest natural forests of this type. 2. Manas, a narration of the migration of the Kyrgyz under the Manas leadership, is one of the world's longest epics. 3 Kim Il-sung. Kim Il-sung (1912-1994), absolute ruler of North Korea for 46 years, was the first communist head of state to establish dynastic rule, enabling his son to succeed him. Kim Il-sung was born Kim Sung-ju on April 15, 1912, the son of a middle-class schoolmaster named Kim Hyung-jik in Pyongan-namdo, a northeastern province of Korea Geography Facts for Kids. Asia is the largest continent on earth. This also means it has the largest population with over 4.46 billion people! The Grand Canyon is the largest canyon in the world. Located in Arizona, it is massive, with an elevation of 2,600 feet and a length of 277 miles. Russia is just 2 miles from Alaska

The T-34 is a U.S.S.R. medium tank that entered service in 1941. It is well-known for its deployment alongside the Red Army in opposition to the Nazis during the second world war.. Over the generations, more than 80,000 T-34s would be produced for use by the Soviets as well as other states, most of which were communist allies at the time, including China, Cuba, and North Korea Military Demarcation Line within the 4-km-wide Demilitarized Zone has separated North from South Korea since 1953; periodic incidents with North Korea in the Yellow Sea over the Northern Limit Line, which South Korea claims as a maritime boundary; South Korea and Japan claim Liancourt Rocks (Tok-do/Take-shima), occupied by South Korea since 195

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